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Nick Bosworth

That's right everybody, it's almost Oscar time! With the 2015 Academy Awards ceremony just a couple days away, and myself are once again paying tribute to those deserving films and their cast/crew that unfortunately were not nominated (snubbed) this year. Many films including THE LEGO MOVIE, SELMA, NIGHTCRAWLER and more have been included. The main music track used from "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" also deserved an Oscar nomination for composer Michael Giacchino. Enjoy the video below!

It's always tough to see your favorite films of the year never get any award recognition while other films get questionable nominations, it happens every year. THE LEGO MOVIE was by far the biggest snub of the past year but as listed in the video above, LEGO MOVIE was just the beginning when it came to snubs.


Which movie do you got the worst snub(s) of 2015?


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