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I've always been a fan of the blues brothers because it's one of my best musicals i love, plus i even wrote a Quote about Something too, that's way i love movies. " I learn that Drugs can Really Kill Actors & Filmmakers in Hollywood, and I never do or deal drugs at all- and Steven Spielberg is like a hero of mine. He never dose Drugs at all because he's a great Filmmaker and always keeps his Body heath & Clean and he never dose drugs at all because I believe in him, plus I want to grow up to be like him! "I took the liberty of making a list of actors who died from drugs, it was long. so who else i can trust, but i know someone who i can trust and talk to no mater what. he's name is Steven Spielberg - he's my hollywood hero, and the one i can trust and talk to for my safety of not to do drugs at all.

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