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(Note: If you missed Tuesday's episode, there are major Agent Carter SPOILERS below)

Now, when it comes to Easter eggs, there aren't too many folks out there who can compete with the sheer preemptive awesomeness of Marvel Studios. Between hinted-at Infinity Gems, sneaky glimpses of forthcoming superheroes and a whole lot of Phase 3 hinting, Marvel is - much like Wolverine - the best at what it does.

So, while watching Agent Carter - Marvel's latest awesome television offering - it can be difficult to not actively watch out for Easter eggs - knowing, after all, that there's a good chance one is on its way at any given moment.

In the latest episode, though, one quite literally jumped out us. Better still...

Agent Carter Just Featured Marvel's Most Old-School Easter Egg Yet

Which, it seems, no-one on the internet is talking about.

The Easter egg in question? Well, remember that climactic scene towards the end of the most recent episode?

Specifically, the one in which Chief Dooley, having been strapped into a mysterious heat-based invention of Howard Stark's...

...realizes that he's about to explode, and runs towards the window...


...and then, while flying out of the window...

...bursts into flames, in explosive fashion.

Well, aside from being a pretty damned awful thing to happen, that's also - as it happens - a pretty massive reference to one of the most iconic moments in Marvel history: the company's very first ever publication, and their first ever superhero.

The hero - and comic - in question?

The Human Torch, in Marvel Comics #1

Yup, that's right - the very first comic that Timely Publications - which would later become Marvel Comics - ever put out - with, as its cover star, the original Human Torch.

Now, that isn't the same Human Torch we know and love from the Fantastic Four - instead, it's his predecessor, a flamable crime-fighting android who fought alongside Captain America in the 1940's.

Now, the thing is - even though he was their first ever superhero, Marvel don't actually have the right to use him in their movies, as since he's so linked to the Fantastic Four's Human Torch, his rights essentially lie with Fox.

And yet, much as they did back in Captain America... seems Marvel have decided to slip him back in...

Y'see, the very first panel of the Human Torch's very first appearance (and therefore of the Marvel Universe as we know it) was this:

A man on fire, bursting out of a building.

Which - though framed a little differently - sure is pretty...


...similar... what we just saw in Agent Carter.

Now, Chief Dooley is obviously not The Human Torch - and barring rights changes, we shouldn't expect to ever see the hero actually appear on screen - but it sure is awesome that Marvel made the effort to indirectly reference the very beginnings of Marvel Comics like that.

Especially since James D'Arcy - who plays Jarvis in the show - totally hinted that we'd see a huge, gadget-shaped Easter egg in the episode...before it even aired.

And yet, it seems as though no-one's really talking about it...and if they are, it's with a vague suggestion that it could be a reference to Tony Stark's Arc Reactor.

Which I don't buy for a second - I'm pretty darned certain that a whole lot of you mega-Marvel fans will have noticed such an awesome reference, too...

So, whadda ya say? Did you spot the Human Torch-shaped Easter egg in Agent Carter? Are there any other hidden teases that we've all missed? And just how is the series going to end this coming Tuesday?


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