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With just two days left before the 87th Academy Awards ceremony, let's go through some basic movie quiz 10, yes?

The quiz is presented to you by Gateway, a prestigious National Level Media Festival organized by the Department of Media Sciences, Anna University.
A strong bastion of Cinema and Media Industry aficionados, the festival run by a venerable student community has cemented its position as a platform for aspiring students to showcase their creativity, encourage quality ideas and engage in assorted workshops of your passion. The festival will feature prominent Industry specialists discussing on VFX, Anchoring, Acting, Journalism, Sound Design and Motion Capture. The Film Panel Discussion will serve as a consortium for diverse individuals to interact and build a social media community. Selected ad films and short films will be presented in a festival setting to support emerging talents and promote quality film-making. The 10th edition of Gateway National media festival, running from March 30 - 31 2015 invites the ‘creative artist’ in you to take part in one of the biggest media festivals of the country. Join the media brigade in supporting us and don’t forget to send in your film entries.


1. Can you guess the name of this movie?

Answer : Argo - Best Picture|Adapted Screenplay|Film Editing 2012


2. Care to guess?

The Aviator - Actress in a Supporting Role|Art Direction |Cinematography|Costume Design|Film Editing 2004


3. Umm..?

Braveheart - Cinematography|Directing|Makeup|Best Picture|Sound Effects Editing 1995


4. In which movie did you come across this character?

Gladiator - Actor in a Leading Role|Costume Design|Best Picture|Sound|Visual Effects 2000


5. This little guy, where did he come from ?

Her - Original Screenplay 2013


6. Are you game for another question?

Million Dollar Baby - Actor in a Supporting Role|Actress in a Leading Role|Directing|Best Picture 2004


7. Hint: Backseat

No Country for Old Men - Actor in a Supporting Role|Directing|Best Picture|Adapted Screenplay 2007


8. Tell me where it's from!

The Pianist - Actor in a Leading Role|Directing|Adapted Screenplay 2002


9. The movie opens up with this sequence.....

Rain Man - Actor in a Leading Role|Directing|Best Picture|Screenplay 1988


10. Damn!

Terminator 2: Judgment Day - Makeup|Sound|Sound Effects Editing|Visual Effects 1991


So, how many did you get right?!

The 87th Academy Awards ceremony will take place on February 22, 2015, at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

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