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Kurt Sutter wrote; produced, directed and starred in this compelling drama about a fictional Motorcycle Club (referred to now as "MC") started in 1961 by Vietnam War Veterans John "JT" Teller (Victor Newmark but voiceover by Nicholas Guest) Clarence "Clay" Morrow (Ron Perlman) and Piermont "Piney" Winston (William Lucking), set in the fictional town of Charming, North California. Airing in September 2008 on the Showtime network, Sons quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. An addictive show, it had themes of drama, family, love, sex, and of course, violence.Until 92 episodes later, when the show was cancelled in December 2014. T
hen it went out with a a bang and I think just about anyone who watched the show was left shocked with the ending (I myself bawled my eyes out for three hours after watching Season 6 and 7 in a personal record of four days).

What makes a TV show great though?

-Themes? Yeah; they're important.
- Plot/storyline? Yep, folks that's required otherwise it looks and sounds like badly written fanfiction (I should know, I've written some pretty bad drafts myself!)
- Characters you can relate to? Yes that is a vital ingredient to any show worth watching's success
-Actors who portray the characters? Most. Important. Thing. Ever.

With this formula, Kurt Sutter certainly had to have known that he would have a major recipe for success on his hands.

JT & Gemma & a mirror by Jax &Tara. Source : Author
JT & Gemma & a mirror by Jax &Tara. Source : Author

With a brilliant host of Special Guest stars such as Dave Navarro, Marilyn Manson and Courtney Love, you sit down to watch this show, good luck getting up again for a while. Its bloody addictive!

The show isn't without it's controversial topics & subjects (The IRA is actually a real organisation) such as gun running, torture and pornographical studios.

I am fairly sure with some episodes it can be classed as slightly pornographic in nature, we can appreciate the humour that is also in there at sporadic moments (such as corrupt cops having to apologise to each and every club member on a particular ride after they impounded and stripped Juice [Theo Rossi]'s bike).

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In the First Season, We see Jackson "Jax" Teller (portrayed by the ever Charming -yes, pun intended- Charlie Hunnam) is very much the idealist his father JT was before him. Let's face it, he was an exceptionally good choice for the role, because in addition to the brilliant natural talent he possesses, Mr Hunnam also quite simply looked like the idealistic bad boy biker who was a self-described "OK mechanic with a GED". As the series progresses to the end, He becomes much, much darker and does actually lose sight of the original club vision as set out by JT.

I think that we can all agree Jax's dark side was fuelled in part by the brutal murder of his best friend and confidant Opie Winston (Ryan Hurst) & the sickening gangland murder of his high school sweetheart and old lady Tara Knowles (Maggie Siff).

I am only placing one spoiler in here:

Jax goes on a killing spree in episodes 12 & 13 of the final season. Whether by his own gun or his orders, its a frickin' bloodbath. Victims included Juice (Theo Rossi) who was stabbed by Tully (Marilyn Manson) during a riot, Gemma (Katey Segal) & Unser (Dayton Callie) both of whom were shot by our resident grief-stricken brooding bad boy Jax in episode 12.

Jax -after some seriously apparent inner conflict- dies following an epic police chase that (by my count anyway) involved twelve cruisers and no less than 16 motorcycle, by going into the path of an oncoming truck on the same highway JT died on. Tear jerker to the heart stopping end.

According to recurring character Herman was on their list at 10 of their most shocking eleven deaths for the series:

Herman who patched into the Charming chapter of Sons of Anarchy in season three, always had a beef with Tig. Kozik was killed by stepping on a mine while in a fight with Lobo Cartel. His final words: "You gotta be shittin' me!"

See their top 11 here.

To fully understand what I am ranting and raving about I urge you: Go to Netflix, Quickflix your nearest JB Hi-Fi or whatever electronics store is closest to you and buy/ stream the entire collection from the very first episode and tell me if this show is undeserving of my question: brillantly brutal or brutally brilliant??


Hate the show or love it? tell me below!

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