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Have you ever seen a resemblance between characters from Marvel and DC comics. Yeah, well here is some fan art of characters who look just alike.

0.) Deadpool and Deathstroke

1.) Flash and Quicksilver

2.) Green Arrow and Hawkeye

3.) Ghost Rider and Atomic Skull

4.) Darkseid and Thanos

5.) Black cat and Catwoman

6.) Black lightning and Electro

7.) Namor and Aquaman

8. Dr. Polaris and Magneto

9.) Mr. Fantastic and Plastic Man

10.) Green Lantern and Quasar

11.) Hawkman and Angel

11.) Gladiator, Superman, and Hyperion

12.) Grey Hulk and Solomon Grundy

13.) Martian Manhunter and Vision

14.) Batman and Moon Knight

moon knight and dark knight
moon knight and dark knight

15.) Ultron and Braniac

16.) Swamp thing and Man thing

17.) Captain america and Commander Steel

18.) WDasp and Bumblebee

19.) Doctor Strange and Dr. Fate

Which on is your favorite comment BELOW!!!!


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