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When I first saw the picture, and I must say, I really dig the fish scale tattoo's on his arms, and the fact that the outer prongs going down the shaft of the trident, resembles a fish skeleton. I just assumed the 'Seven' was referring to the Seven Seas, but then, it dawned on me, there's seven Justice League members. There's, Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, Flash, Superman and Wonder Woman, with the seventh cast member/character yet to be revealed, now this film, is about the start of the Justice League (Dawn of Justice). So I feel, this film is all about, bringing the Justice League together (Uniting the Seven), but not in a massive JL flick, this is still a Batman v Superman film, but I feel like all the characters are going to make a small cameo, including, Green Lantern. Now, there's two actors, which are yet to be credited with a character, they are, Callan Mulvey, and Scoot McNairy, Callan, could be a decent Green Lantern, and he's been sworn to secrecy, about his role in the film, but I don't feel Scoot could be.


Could I be right, or is there something you feel would be better?

I feel like, with this caption, and this photo release via Zack Snyder, it won't be long before we find out, if Green Lantern is going to be in this film, and who's playing him.

What do you guys think?

This is purely speculation from me, and not something I know to be a solid fact.


I've been thinking about it, and what if, he's the one, that makes the seven JLA members unite, so they can beat Aquaman? Like, what if he, calls for war upon on the Earth Dwellers? And they have to unite to stop him and his forces?

Batman, Cyborg, Flash, Green Lantern, Shazam, Superman and Wonder Woman?


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