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Hello Games have announced that [No Man's Sky](tag:2684052) will be making an appearance at the Game Developer's Conference 2015, in San Francisco. The game's art director, Grant Duncan, will be stepping forward to talk about this procedurally generated universe. No Man's Sky's Managing Director, Sean Murray has stated he will be doing no more public appearances or conferences concerning the upcoming PS4 and PC title, so Grant has stepped up to the plate.

No Man's Sky is a game that countless players out there are dying to get their hands on, primarily so that we can understand what exactly it is. News concerning the game has been pretty scarce as of late, though it seems an Australian magazine has revealed the ETA of No Man's Sky's release date!

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky At GDC 2015

So what exactly will we be seeing from No Man's Sky at GDC? Are any of you lucky fans out there attending the conference? Be sure to let us know if you will!

So here at the side you can see the quote from No Man's Sky's webpage, announcing their presence at GDC. Grant will be showing off some glimpses at the extraordinary technology behind the game, the one that has procedurally generated everything from planets and ships to encounters and music.

His first talk is on Monday, March 2 at 3pm, and it’s part of an amazing art direction bootcamp featuring talks by great artists from Naughty Dog, Ninja Theory, BioWare and more. Art heroes all around!

No Man's Sky at GDC
No Man's Sky at GDC

Primarily, those lucky enough to be there, will be introduced to the world of procedurally generated art. How difficult it must have been for a team of buzzing and creative artists to relinquish control to a computer, one that dictates almost every interaction in this space. But they ensure us that this in no way diminishes the art on display in No Man's Sky.

Recent news about the title shows us that they've even planned the computer to play certain kinds of music on planets and interactions with objects or environments. For instance, a planet that will have more hostile elements will have a darker sound to that of one that is covered in calm water. Genuinely incredible.

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

"Art Director Grant Duncan will talk about how a tiny indie team at Hello Games has gone about creating the artwork behind No Man’s Sky, from early concept to finalised art." For those of you lucky enough to be there, I envy you. A lot.

No Man's Sky will receive its release date for the PS4 and PC sometime later in 2015. Game of the Year contender? We'll have to wait and see!


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