ByShaheryar Ghouri, writer at

A family hired Lisa, a babysitter for a night, to look after their 7 year old daughter Amy. An hour after they left, Amy demanded for a ice-cream. There was no ice-cream in the refrigerator, but Amy insisted Lisa to get her, telling her that there was ice-cream in the basement. Lisa went down to get the ice-cream, and she saw a girl wearing a red cape, holding an axe, staring at her through the window. Not paying much attention, Lisa went back up. Again, Amy insisted that she wants some clothes from the basement. Lisa couldn't help but go again. She went back and saw the same girl even closer than where she was before. She came back and acted normal. Amy demanded again for toys in the basement. Lisa neglected going back down. Amy said she would call her parents and tell them that she was not taking good care of her. Fearing this, Lisa had no choice but to go back to the basement. This time when she went, she saw the girl so close that she could see blood on the axe of that girl. Lisa screamed and went upstairs seeing Amy dead. Lisa could not get it together. She called the police and the parents. When the parents came back, they asked what happened. Lisa explained that she saw a girl from the window approaching closer and closer as she went down. The parents confused and terrified, replied "But Lisa, we have no windows in the basement. There's just one mirror hanging on the wall."


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