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Hey readers, So the reveal of Jason Momoa's Aquaman look is already out and I know I am late to write an article on that, so I shifted my focus to analyze the costume design and look closer than usual to understand the meaning in it and I have found some pretty intriguing stuff so here it is.

1) This isn't that corny, laughable and lame Aquaman from Super Friends cartoon

Now compare this image with Momoa's Aquaman and you will know what I am talking about, It's pretty clear that Zack Snyder wanted to break that stereotype and say "Aquaman is downright badass" well he said that even before in Detroit Radio but till this reveal people knew, we can expect a badass Aquaman from an actor who played Khal Drogo, but no one expected such a terrific beast who looks like he can intimidate even Batman ! And Zack has definitely found a perfect way to sell Aquaman which modern audiences would buy without a second thought.


Do you like this new interpretation of Aquaman

2) His origins are altered and it makes absolute sense !

Okay so this is where, most of the comic book fans of Aquaman would be pissed, simply because his origins are altered, yeah I know the blonde hair of his, has a significance and makes him unique among fellow Atlanteans but come on, his origins are changed right and thus that "blonde hair" concept is no longer a factor that defines the character and there is something else which is far more unique and interesting in it's place.

Jason Momoa was constantly heard saying that, He and Zack wanted to make an Aquaman who is tied with the Native American roots and to the Islands, to be more specific to be culture of the Native American Islanders, which made Momoa say the following two quotes,

"It's very special to me as I get to represent all the Island people of the world"
"As a Polynesian our gods are tied to the waters, so this means something special"

So it seems like Momoa is taking this role with seriousness and is keeping it close to heart, because his statement clearly says he's pretty attached to the role because he gets to represent his own culture and tradition and that is cool, because at the end of the day a dedicated actor would result in an amazing on screen performance !

But let's get back to the point here and let me tell you why a brown skinned and a dark haired Aquaman makes sense. First and foremost the "New Englander" kinda looking Aquaman never made sense from a technical perspective, mainly because you cannot find a white skinned person who spends so much time under direct sun light, And there isn't an Islander who has a blonde hair.

And thus i believe Aquaman is longer the son of Tom Curry, a British lighthouse keeper but might be the son of Atlantean queen and a Polynesian Islander and thus a true Islander with Polynesian ties as Momoa quoted.

But that isn't all, the Polynesians are known for their practice of tribal tattooing and the tattoos found all over this Aquaman's body definitely sends some clear messages, to be specific Momoa was found quoting this to Inked magazine,

“It’s something my cousins all have, and it goes on the left side of your arm—it’s like a guardian. It’s basically like your power animal, whatever animal represents your family or your tribe. And ours is a shark, a mano. And then there are arrows that face out—out of your heart, that’s what it represents.”

And there are tattoos on his shoulders that resembles spearhead as well, which could mean he's a warrior. And it is these types of subtle yet meaningful and authentic details that made this character design awesome !


Do you like this altered origins for this version of Aquaman

3) He's going to make an appearance in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice !

Way back in June 2014 and little latter, highly trusted and reputed trade sites like Variety and Hit Fix claimed that Aquaman will indeed be making a cameo appearance in Batman vs Superman and even Badass Digest's Devin Faraci is claiming that Aquaman is in the script of Batman vs Superman and it is a "very brief cameo"

And i don't think a production unit would finalize a character design and make a physical costume and put it on an actor and apply hours of makeup and do a photo shoot if he's going to appear in a movie which is more than two years away.


Do you think he will appear in batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

4) He's already the King of Atlantis

Well i made this claim by simply looking at this image.

That's the trident of Neptune, which is wielded by the person who sits on the throne of Atlantis, to put it in other words,

He who wields it claims divine right of ruling over the world’s oceans"

And Zack Snyder claimed that the trident of Aquaman can literally cut through the flesh of Superman and I hope the trident gives other powers to Aquaman as well, like bending water, summoning force fields and shooting energy beams which would make Aquaman even more powerful in battle arena.


Do you want Aquaman, to possess those cool powers i mentioned.


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