ByConnor Ireland, writer at

I have been reading Batman Eternal for a while now and Issue 46 has recently been released and we now know Ra's Al Ghul has had nothing to do with the chaos going on in Batman and Bruce Wayne's lives, we know the immortal Demon's Head had been given an invitation just like the rest of the Gotham psycho's but burned it as he refuses to take part in this chaotic plot against Batman as he wants Batman to find and take down enemy who is causing this and come back to Ra's when he believes he is "Immortal". So far everyone Batman has come into contact with all had the same invitation which says "You have been cordially invited to partake in the devastation of Gotham City. Jim Gordon falls in precisely two weeks' time. The rest is up to you" at first look at this letter which looks like a formal party invite I thought Mad Hatter but we later found that to not be true, So at a second look at this letter and the chaos in Gotham it makes you think who is crazy enough to cause this much chaos? Now who do we know very well that likes to throw parties for Batman, cause a hell load of chaos for him and speak in a crazy but formal fashion? None other than our Clown Prince of Crime himself The Joker Batman's greatest enemy since the beginning Joker has been causing all sorts of chaos for our Dark Knight so why not now? Yes, we saw him fall in Batman Issue #018 but we do not know for sure that The Joker is truly gone.


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