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I'm very excited for Daredevil to premiere on Netflix. I am more than ready to see this awesome street defender kick some bad guy rear. But this movie will be intense, dark, scary in some parts, and very bloody and gruesome.

Daredevil will star Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, an attorney who was blinded in an accident as a child but whose other four senses are extremely heightened to make up for his lack of sight. When he can’t fight injustice using the law he tackles crime at night in the guise of a masked vigilante.

The show will be dark and gritty, violent. According to the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) the show earns a 15 rating. Know what that means? That means that the show will be a soft R according to US standards.

Where does this put us? Well, if you look at the CW's [Arrow](series:720988) you'll see that it has gotten various 12 and 15 ratings in the UK depending on which episode is airing. So we can assume that we'll be seeing anything from the Flash level of darkness to the Arrow level of darkness.

I wouldn't assume that because [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469) and Agent Carter are brighter TV shows, that Daredevil will be same. The MCU as a whole is getting progressively darker, and it's only natural that the TV shows will be getting darker, grittier, more violent too.

Marvel's [Daredevil](movie:47230) premiers April 10th, 2015.


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