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With cellphones, GoPros and teensy tiny video cameras, we have the ability to film just about anyone and anything, from any perspective. We're now able to strap a camera onto a dog's head and see what a day in the life of man's best friend looks like. But that's only today. Who's to say what the future holds?

Answer: The people behind Hot Tub Time Machine 2.

While looking a the world through a dog's eyes is pretty awesome, have we even considered looking through the eye of a man's real best friend? (I'm talking about a penis, if you still haven't figured out what I'm getting at).

One of the stars of Hot Tub Time Machine 2, Rob Corddry, was the test subject for this new wave of technology. Check out this unnecessary, but hilarious, look at Rob Corddry's peen cam.

The Setup

What a beautiful piece of mean the camera!

Man Down! Man Down!

Watch where you're kicking, man.

Draining the Snake

Please be wary of the splash zone.

Getting Full of Himself

Always working on getting those hard angles.

Thanks for letting us see what a day in the life of your time traveling dick looks like, Rob Corddry!

So, are dick cams the way of the future? Probably not.

To keep up with all the latest technology, penis related and not, [Hot Tub Time Machine 2](movie:819327) hits theaters this weekend (Feb 20)!


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