ByJoe LaBallister, writer at
Joe LaBallister

A recent interview, involving Leto's Joker, has been buzzing around the web about Leto gaining a bunch of weight for the role. Fans are beginning to assume that Leto will portray a "fat Joker", but is that really what's happening? In the interview Jared made the statement "Do you mind if I eat? I'm trying to gain weight and I suck at eating a lot" (I may be paraphrasing) , but does that mean he's trying to get fat? Or simply put on weight to better fit the character's physique? Leto is a frickin beanpole right now and the Joker is actually a pretty fit person. He may be eating a lot to put on that weight, work it out, and better fit the character. The Rock eats 8 meals a day along with snacks. The interviewer never really goes into what exactly Leto is eating, just that he is. What do you think? Do you think Leto is going to portray a Fat Joker or do you think that he is simply putting on the extra lbs to be the best that he can be. After all, he is known for transforming his body for roles!



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