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We all need a good villain on Once Upon a Time. Ever since the last episode that aired (with the lowest views ever) I have been scared for the show. So I've come up with these five villains that could prove to make the viewers come back.

Hades: Hades is a god and would be unbearable to our heroes! This would show great destruction and problems as well as introduce great new characters like Hercules. This would also make sense with the upcoming introduction to Posiedon. Why can't his evil brother join the fight? Hades I picture wanting to just take over for no reason which would start an ultimate fight between our heroes and the gods of Olympus, but Hercules would be on Storybrooke's side. This I think to make it extra great would have to result in the death of a major character... Please not Belle!

The Goblin King: David Bowie's portrayal of the Goblin King was astounding and showed a new tale that people still remember today. With the new baby, Neal, it would make sense for the Goblin King to take the baby as a sort of revenge to Snow or David for something they did or their relatives did in the past. Imagine seeing Hoggle traveling with the Charming's. Toby and Sarah would also have to make an appearance... They would have to somehow show that the story was not told as traditionally as it should have. The Labyrinth is a great film and deserves a sort of rebirth to the new generation and I feel doing that through Once Upon a Time would work.

The White Witch: Narnia is a good option for our heroes to travel. With it being a book and all, the rights might be able to be bought. Narnia was had many vague references... A bow and arrow that never misses that Rumpelstiltskin almost uses to kill Robin Hood, a door to nowhere. These ideas could easily be elaborated on the show. Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy somehow return back through the wardrobe, but the wardrobe is in Gold's shop... What an interesting twist. The four Pevensie's could be the savior of the show because of all the fan base surrounding that series, just like the creators did with Elsa and Anna. I could also picture Gerda (Ingrid's sister) somehow reborn and becomes the White Witch or the mother of Ingrid being her after she abandoned them when she was young. This could all build on Arendelle, showing another great fanbase how fantastic this show can be. Narnia will bring fans from all over.

Which one is your favorite? Who would you most like to see?


Who do you most want to see?


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