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The Daredevil Netflix original series is scheduled to premiere on April 10, 2015. The series will run for a total of 13 episodes that would all become available on the series release date.

Titles for the first 3 episodes of the series have now been released. The first episode will be titled "Into the Ring" and will be directed by Phil Abraham, and will have a run-time of 52 minutes and 47 seconds. Phil Abraham was also in charged of directing the second episode titled "Cut Man", which has a run-time of 52 minutes and 28 seconds. Abraham is known for having directed episodes of Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, and The Walking Dead. The third episode will be directed by Adam Kane and will be titled "Rabbit in a Snow Storm." Kane is known for directing episodes of shows like Supernatural, and Sleepy Hollow.

As we wait for the series to be released, we know that this would be a much darker environment than anything that we have seen from Marvel yet. We are also left with the question of whether the Daredevil series will tie directly with Avengers Age of Ultron, or with other Marvel popular series, such as Agent Carter, and Agents of Shield.


Are you excited for Marvel's Daredevil series?


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