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I am Iron Man
Azeem S. Bilour

Hey everyone, this is my first post to Moviepilot so please ignore a few of the errors you might face! A few months back, before the confirmation of the Civil War and Infinity War movies in the MCU, it was my dream to see these story lines take place in the MCU.

So without further ado, I'm sharing my script here, it's quite a long one but I hope you guys enjoy it, might take you forever to read it though. Here we go:

Based on, the events taking place

after the Age of Ultron

It’s been two years, since the unfortunate events that took place all over the world, the events that led to an end of the Avengers. The aftermath of the age of Ultron changed everything for everyone, the heroes, the people, the government. Rules were being set and things got out of hand. After Tony Stark’s monstrous creation for the well being of mankind backfired on him, his team also gave him a cold shoulder for his mistake. Nonetheless the Avengers gave it all they could, they fought with their pride and stood against Ultron as a team to such an extent that their team spirit changed the minds of the twins and made them change sides in the war.

Once the war was won, things weren’t the same as they were after the Battle of New York, no one was amused by the actions of the Avengers, lawsuits were being issued towards them, Thor couldn’t bare the ignorance of the humans anymore so he returned to Asgard leaving his team behind. Steve Rogers and Tony Stark have had certain issues in the past and due to the faults made by Stark, their quarrels got more out of hand and led to Rogers quitting the Avengers with his side partners Hawkeye and Falcon with a promise of making a new and better team, a team the world could count on like the Howling Commandoes from WWII.

Natasha Romanoff who fought many battles siding with Captain America didn’t join his new crusade and stuck her allegiance with Stark and fought his fights for him in the Parliament. Dr. Banner after the events of Ultron was devastated by his acts and formed a decision with his friend Stark that he thought he had control over himself, over the other guy but his acts proved differently when he lost control in Johannesburg and his own teammates had to bring him down, after a couple of arguments with the government as they tortured Stark on a daily basis to give Dr. Banner to them for the safety of the world, Tony Stark made an agreement with the government that the world will never see The Hulk again and with Banner’s approval, sent him to a planet far away from Earth where there seemed to be source of life.

In these four years, we never saw Tony Stark suit up again, he was too busy paying for his mistakes alongside Natasha who helped him in the Parliament and supported him through out. Natasha and Tony certainly weren’t the bestest of friends but she knew he needed someone and with the entire teams collapse, she stood by him. Natasha was a changed woman, she was more aggressive, her fun and sultry side was long gone. After seeing her closest friend Barton leave her side she was devastated and then watching Banner being banished changed her to different levels.

Things had certainly changed but some things were inevitable to even the word change, while the Earth’s mightiest heroes stopped their mission to protect the Earth, someone new stepped in, a man in a mask whose identity was unknown to everyone, the vigilante was known as Spider Man, with Spider like abilities, he had heightened senses, super strength and due to his expertise in science and engineering, he created a wrist web shooter which helped him swing across the skyline of New York City. Spider Man beneath the mask was an average person with dead parents and a dead uncle who lived with his Aunt, his alter ego was Peter Parker, a college going kid who lost his girlfriend while saving New York from a threat known as Electro.

Spider Man was a wanted man, every person in the world wanted to know his identity, he was the only masked superhero at the time being and his swinging around New York was causing even more issues for Stark and the government. While all this was happening, Steve Rogers started his own team, he recruited Mockingbird from S.H.I.E.L.D., got the twins on his side and in the streets of Brooklyn, found a man named Luke Cage who was inconsiderably strong, almost as strong as the Captain himself. He and his team took on small missions in New York, trying to get rid of small threats in the way, his hunt for Bucky was on for quite a while as well and by the end, he got a grab of him, the two spoke about their pasts and found a way to rekindle their previous friendship. Cap threw in an offer to him and told him to join his team but Bucky was in no hurry at the time being and said he has lots of issues to solve for himself at the moment, he’ll join him when he knows the time is right. Moving along his journey, he also recruited Sharon Carter (Agent 13) who he lately discovered was Peggy’s niece.

These two years were a tough time on the Avengers but this wasn’t the end of their story, things in the future will force them to once again set aside their differences and fight as one but before that, there’s a lot more to happen.

In the present, today, Tony Stark is once again stuck in a courtroom and is having a heated argument against the government:

Secretary of Defense: Mr Stark, it’s been two years and we have still not come to a conclusion.

Tony Stark/Ironman: (laughs) and we never will

Councilman: Mr. Stark! this is no laughing matter, we are serious.

Secretary of Defence: Listen to me Stark, you and your team has done a lot for this country, you saved New York from an alien attack that without you guys would be impossible to stop, your actions towards this country have always been good but somehow lead to more casualties.

Tony Stark/Ironman: An old friend of mine once said, when you’re in war, soldiers die.

Councilman 2: Oh God! This is going nowhere, Mr. Secretary, I think it’s about time you tell them now.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: Tell them what?!

Secretary of Defence: Mr. Stark, Ms. Romanoff, The President has come up with a solution, a solution to end all of this, a way to bring you and your team back into action, for the world to see the Avengers again.

Tony Stark/Ironman: I have a feeling I’m not going to like this solution too much.

Secretary of Defence: The solution is simple, we call it the “Superhero Registration Act”, a legislative bill which requires the mandatory registration of any person based in the United States with super powers. This way the government will be aware of the secret identities of the heroes and also the heroes will get to work under the government. After the tragic death of Phil Coulson, S.H.I.E.L.D. was handed to us but if you agree to this act, you’ll be appointed as the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and not only that but all the lawsuits against the heroes will be dropped.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: I see the government has officially lost their mind, we aren’t ever going to work under you.

Tony Stark/Ironman: Natasha, wait. This could work, this could make everything go back to normal, we could get Steve back, get Barton back, get our entire team back.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: Are you going crazy Tony?

Tony Stark/Ironman: Alright, we’ve heard your case, give us some time to process this.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: Tony! Do you even know what you’re agreeing to?

Tony Stark/Ironman: Listen to me Natasha, I know this isn’t the best idea at the moment, but our actions have made us desperate!

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: YOUR ACTIONS! I’m starting to doubt why I stayed with you

Tony Stark/Ironman: Look, I understand this is wrong but for the time being it’s our only option.

After a while of discussion, Natasha agreed to the act, Maria Hill was most delighted to hear the news, she was never the biggest fan of superheroes roaming around freely in the world. Stark and his people were onboard and the next day, Tony made a deal with government and said he would get all the superheroes to register under the act. The government was pleased and said that once the others are on onboard too, they’ll have an entire ceremony to bring back the Avengers and announce to the world that the government and heroes will finally work together.

With S.H.I.E.L.D. back in the right hands, the first task Tony started was to figure out who the vigilante Spider Man really is, after going through files and depositories, he found out everything he needed to. Stark sent Natasha over to Peter’s house where she was greeted warmly by his aunt, as soon as Peter arrived home, he was stunned to see Black Widow sitting in his mini kitchen with his aunt, his aunt wasn’t aware of who Natasha really was but obviously Peter had done his research and knew she worked with the Avengers to save New York from the aliens and Ultron. After trying to have a casual conversation with Natasha in front of his aunt, things got slightly awkward and Peter asked his aunt to excuse them for a bit.

Peter Parker/Spider Man: Y y you’re Black Widow, I’m a huge fan, but I’m a little confused to see you here, what’s going on?

Natasha Romanoff/ Black Widow: Let’s cut the crap, I know who you are and what you’ve been up to, I’ve been sent here to get you, we need you for a reason, a reason that’ll be further explained to you by my friend Tony Stark.

Peter Parker/Spider Man: Tony Stark?! THE Tony Stark? I’m a huge fan!

Natasha Romanoff/ Black Widow: Then this shouldn’t be too hard.

Peter Parker/Spider Man: But wait, how did you find me, how did you know who I am and why does Tony Stark need me?

Natasha Romanoff/ Black Widow: Let’s get moving, Tony will answer all your questions himself.

Peter Parker was escorted to Stark Tower which was referenced to as the Avengers Tower previously where he met Tony Stark and went crazy with excitement first but was shocked to hear what Tony really had to say. Hearing about the Act, Peter refused to register because this entire time, he knew that his identity was the most important thing, last time when he let his girlfriend Gwen know who he was, he put her life at risk and due to which she died. So before hurting anymore people, Peter abruptly refused and said I can’t do this. Tony knew it wouldn’t be easy as he’d done a background check on the guy and already knew that Peter would refuse, but with some high level convincing, he brought Peter to a point where he could certainly not disagree. Everything was going great now as Tony thought to himself that the hardest guy to get to register was done, it was now time for him to finally meet an old friend, a friend he hadn’t seen since the last time the two walked away from each other.

Steve was a hard man to find, he and his team members were only seen when there would be an issue in town but Tony knew Steve better than anyone and locating Steve for him was not a difficult job. He got in touch with Steve and both agreed to meet. The two met for the first time after two years, they were happy to meet after so long, they casually joked around while having drinks. They were both taunting each other over the past but things seemed fine between them. Tony finally got to the part for which he scheduled this meeting:

Tony Stark/Ironman: Listen Steve, as much as I’m enjoying this, you and I finally getting along. I’ve called you here to discuss something important. As you know since the past 2 years I’ve been tolerating the bullshit the government throws towards us heroes, but I guess the government was as sick of it as me, we’ve finally come to an agreement. The government has issued an act...Tony further on explained the act.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: Have you lost your mind Tony?

Tony Stark/Ironman: Nope, and that’s not the first time I’m getting this reaction.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: I can’t believe you’re even considering this, is Natasha also with you on this?

Tony Stark/Ironman: I’m not considering it, I’ve already considered it, it’s happening Steve, Natasha is with me, my people understand what is important right now, getting us back in the world is the most important thing at the moment, this quarrel with the government can not help us, look at yourself working with your team on small missions, this isn’t who we are, it’s not what we’re supposed to do.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: Two years Tony, we meet after two years and you’re still talking bullshit, you need to understand that we as a team stood with you till we could! But every mistake made by the Avengers was a mistake made by you. Once again you’re doing what’s wrong and this time you’ll lose everyone once its over.

Tony Stark/Ironman: Aah, so finally the man in the stars and stripes costume has blamed everything on me.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: I’m not blaming Tony, I’m speaking the truth.

Tony Stark/Ironman: Oh yeah, cause you’re the goody Captain America who always speaks the truth.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: How could you even let this thought perceive you, after everything that’s happened Tony, the last time I let the government get involved into my matters was when Hydra almost took over the world and killed us all. I think it’s time for you to just sit home Tony and play with all your riches because it seems like you’re slowly losing your mind.

Tony Stark/Ironman: I thought we could discuss this in a more mature way Cap, but I guess you’re too naive to understand anything. I’ve already got Spider Man on my side, his identity will be revealed to the public and he’ll be the first hero to officially register himself. Also let me be clear Steve, if you stand against the Registration Act, then you stand against the law and we’ll have no choice but to arrest you and your team of heroes.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: You don’t know what you’re doing Tony, but know this, my team will not stand down to you and we will not flinch to protect our rights.

Tony Stark/Ironman: That’s good to know

Tony’s argument with Steve went a little far beyond expected. Steve was not impressed with the idea and said that if he has to, he’ll fight Stark and the government for his rights. Returning to his team, Steve told them about the whole conversation he had with Stark, Hawkeye being a part of the Avengers since the beginning was shocked that Tony would actually agree upon something like that. Steve’s entire team agreed with him and said that if forced to, they will fight and they will fight for him. Except there was only one problem, the twins seemed to have been talking to each other slowly in the corner and with a pissed off face, Wanda turned around and said:

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch: I’m sorry, but I find nothing wrong with Stark’s decision, we’ve been hiding in this underground base since the past 2 years and if working under the government will give us the freedom to walk the streets again then I wouldn’t mind it.

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver: I’m trying to explain to her that she’s being stupid but she won’t listen to me.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: Wanda the government may give you the freedom to walk on the streets, but working under them will change your entire perspective.

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch: Then I guess this is where I say goodbye.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye: What?!

Sharon Carter/Agent 13: Wanda, you can’t just leave.

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch: Our opinions differ, we can’t stay down here forever and I guess I won’t find any other opportunity like this in the future to leave.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye: Wanda! Stark is going crazy, please tell me you aren’t too? What if things get out of hand, would you fight your own brother?

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch: I would never fight my own people unless they bring me to a point where I’m left with no other option.

Wanda had made her mind up and left her previous team to join Stark and his registration act. After her leaving, Steve explained to his team that after tomorrow’s event, where Spider Man will reveal his identity, everything will change afterwards. He and his team won’t be allowed anywhere and they will basically be fugitives. He gave his team a new name, “Secret Avengers”, and told everyone to get some rest, we’ve got a big task tomorrow.

Stark was amused when he saw Wanda walk in, she discussed everything with him and was happy to join him. The preparations for the event had begun and Spidey was all ready to show the world who he was. Stark explained to the government that Captain Rogers and his team have refused to accept the registration, after which Maria Hill said that then our only choice is to take him down. Stark wasn’t much happy with this but agreed since he knew he couldn’t do anything else.

The night arrives and everything was set, the stage was set, news reporters were all there, there were probably more than 10,000 people at the time to hear the announcement. Stark was going to show himself to the world after exactly 2 years and he was excited to announce a new beginning, new chapter. Spidey arrived close by to the stage and Stark gave him the look. The event began to take place in a while, government cars and officers had also arrived and taken over the stage. Tony started his speech in his old style cocky way and the crowd was lit up with joy. There was a sigh of relief from Tony and then he spoke about the Registration Act and how the entire world will benefit from it, he explained everything about it and also spoke about how any hero against this will be punished by the law itself. To start of the ceremony, Stark called out Spider Man and the crowd went quiet as they were not expecting to see him be the first hero to register, people at homes and different countries were hooked to their television screens as to see who exactly is Spider Man.

Before Spidey could stun the crowd, he saw his friend Mary Jane standing in the crowd too but he did not hesitate and took off his mask when Stark asked him too, the crowd went nuts and Peter had a shy smirk on his face while he looked into the cameras. He signed the registration act on stage while everyone was screaming in joy but suddenly Peter’s spider sense started tingling and the next thing he knew, he saw an arrow approaching towards him from a distance, he dodged the arrow but it caused chaos suddenly as the crowd started screaming in fear and government officers ran to protect the ministers. Spidey shot a web and swinged towards where the arrow came from and Stark who was still on stage with the government authorities knew that the arrow was from no one but his old friend Hawkeye, before he could say anything, Captain America takes over the stage and battles his way through all the security and tears the paper that Peter signed and explains his actions saying that he and his team won’t allow the government to take over, if Stark has gone crazy then be it, he will not hesitate to attack Stark. Steve’s team wasn’t with him at the time and Stark got off the stage running due to the gunfire and craziness on stage. There were trained government agents who arrived to stop Captain America and were so many in number that they managed to get him and just in time Maria Hill arrived in a S.H.I.E.L.D. Quinjet in which she took Captain America away.

Captain America’s hands were tied behind his back with reinforced metal that was supposedly unbreakable while Maria Hill held a gun to his face and all the SHIELD agents surrounded him.

Maria Hill: What have you done, why would you do that?

Steve Rogers/Captain America: The first day I was injected with the super soldier serum, I made a promise that I would protect my country no matter what and that’s exactly what I was doing today.

Maria Hill: Listen to me Rogers, we’ve worked together before and I don’t to make this anymore difficult than this already is, your actions today will cause lots of issues, it would be better for you to accept the Registration Act and sign yourself or else you’re going straight to prison with us.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: Holding superheroes in prison? Isn’t this a dream come true for you Hill, always against our actions, you must be so happy. But let me reassure you, I’m not signing any act by the government and I’m not going to any prison either.

As soon as Steve ended his sentence, he broke through the handcuffs and attacked the agents and took them out easily proving that he only got caught because he wanted to get caught, he got his shield back and jumped out of the plane. Just a few minutes later, finally, Ironman arrives in his suit but was too late to stop Cap. An angered Maria Hill explains to him what happened to which Stark replies saying that we now have no choice but to find him and his team and capture them as soon as possible.

In just a few moments, everything the Avengers stood for was destroyed. Stark sent out SHIELD Agents all over the town to look for the Secret Avengers. Steve got back to his underground hideout where he was shocked to see an old face, he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Nick Fury stand in front of him. Fury was in an angered mood and was not happy with everything going on.

Nick Fury: What the hell do you think you’re doing?!

Steve Rogers/Captain America: I’m fighting for my rights sir!

Nick Fury: What god damn rights? Do you have any clue what you did today, you went on against your own teammate, did I leave you all for this? I thought you guys would mature over time but you, you’ve disappointed me and you the most Steve. I left you as a leader for the Avengers and today you fight with your own team?

Steve Rogers/Captain America: I was left with no choice!

Nick Fury: The Captain I remember, always knew how to fix things and find a choice.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: Things are different now

Nick Fury: Nothing is different, you’re just forcing it to be different.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: It was nice to see you here sir, but I’m not changing my mind after this, Stark has made some awful mistakes in the past but I’ve learned to live with them, now he’s just crossed the line. He’s trying to take away our rights and I won’t let that happen.

Nick Fury: I guess you’ve made your mind then, just remember, you’ve always been the better man, next time you see Stark, try using your head instead of your fists.

Meanwhile Tony Stark is seen sending out army forces and SHIELD Agents to look for the Secret Avengers but he knew that no matter how many people he sends, finding them won’t be easy. He strikes a plan with his team members, calling Natasha, Wanda and his old friend Rhodey. He tells them that he knows Cap and his team won’t be easy to find so they’ll need to get the Secret Avengers to come to them. After a discussion between the team, they made a decision that one member will be used in a hostage situation where Cap will need to come in to help. The member decided was Wanda as she was previously with the Secret Avengers and her being in a hostage position would have a bigger impact on Cap’s team since her brother is in too.

The plan was coming into action now when Wanda sent in an alert onto the old Secret Avengers computer stating she’s in trouble and she wants to come back to her team but can’t. After Cap got the alert he was ready to help but Hawkeye insisted it would be a trap which got Pietro mad saying that I don’t care if it’s a trap, she’s my sister and we need to save her. Wanda gave in her location and told them she’s being held hostage at Stark Industries and will be taken to the prison very soon. The Secret Avengers got their gear on knowing that this won’t just be any ordinary hostage situation.

When they arrived to Stark Industries, they saw Wanda standing there with a slightly embarrassed look on her face, Barton screamed at Steve that I told you it was a trap when out of nowhere, Ironman comes flying in with his team and the whole area gets surrounded by SHIELD Agents and US Army Forces.

Tony Stark/Ironman: Steve, I’m not here to fight.

Bobbi Morse/Mockingbird: Heh, your army surrounding you tells a different story.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: (Looks at Natasha) I can’t believe after all we’ve been together, you would side with him on this.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: Steve please! We’re giving you and your entire team another chance.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye: Look at yourself in the mirror Natasha, you sound like Stark’s puppet.

Tony Stark/Ironman: Barton! We’re giving you a chance.

Tony puts his hand forward and to his surprise, he sees Cap moving forward and towards him, Cap shakes his hand and his teammates are watching in shock, but while shaking Stark's hand, he moves in closer to say something.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: I didn’t want to do this Stark, but you brought an army with you and an army always implies that there’s a war about to take place.

And out of nowhere, a jab in the face of Tony Stark triggers a battle between the two factions. Both teams take war as Natasha takes on Barton, Iron Patriot attacks Luke Cage, Spider Man goes after Mockingbird while Sharon Carter fights the SHIELD Agents. Both factions go crazy fighting without thinking straight while we see the twins escape everything and run away together. Stark and Rogers are bruised and battered but both of them don’t give up, Steve overpowers him with a few jabs to the face causing Stark’s helmet to break which brings him down to the ground. A fallen Tony Stark then looks around him and sees the damage he’s done, he understands what Steve meant, he realises that he’s fighting with his own previous teammates only because the government wants him to but his ego didn’t allow him to admit his mistakes, Steve walks towards Tony and has the opportunity to finally kill Stark but before he could make an attempt, he thought of something from the olden days. He thought of his friends words, Abraham Erskine’s words: “Whatever happens tomorrow, you must promise me one thing. That you will stay who you are. Not a perfect soldier, but a good man.

Just as the thought faded away, Steve moved away from Tony and let him live. Before we can see anyone’s reaction to this, the camera moves to the top right corner where a man in a mask is seen holding onto a sniper, the man is identified as Crossbones, Caps old S.T.R.I.K.E. Team ally, Brock Rumlow. As Rumlow approaches to the top of the building, he sets his target on Captain America but before anything could happen…

A light falls from the sky, a very familiar light, The God of Thunder had finally returned, Thor came back to Earth. The heroes were stunned to see him and Crossbones had disappeared. Thor didn’t look happy and seemed beaten down, like he just came out of a fight. He walked towards the heroes in an angered voice and said:

Thor: You foolish mortals, always thinking of yourselves as Gods on Earth, fighting for the pettiest of the reasons. I walk out of a war my brother wages on Asgard to see you fools quarrel with each other

Steve moves away from Tony and gives him some space while the heroes and agents all move away from each other too. Everyone is concentrating on Thor’s words when Hawkeye gets involved into the conversation?

Clint Barton/Hawkeye: Your brother’s alive? Please tell me you aren’t referring to your brother Loki?

Thor: While saving your world from demeaning threats you build yourself, I forgot about my home. Loki had captured my father and forced him into the Odinsleep, afterwards he took over his form, ruled over Asgard and brought in a war from the other realms. I have captured Loki now.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: Are you sure? He seems to be good at escaping.

Thor: I am sure! But before capturing him, he bestowed me with endangering news, which is why I’m here. While you humans wage war on each other, the mad titan watches from over and laughs, laughs at your stupidity.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: The Mad Titan?

Thor: The Mad Titan, he’s coming for our world, the end of the days is near. While we should be planning a way to save ourselves, you fools find ways to kill each other.

We must work together again, I will need all of you, the world is in terrible danger and we are the only ones who have the slightest chance to save it.

Tony Stark/Ironman: The worlds safety is our number one priority. This matter that we’re in ends today. I declare the Superhero Registration Act to go on a hold and if the government has a problem with it, then they can visit me at the “Avengers Tower”, it’s where I’ll be fo a while. (Looks at the government authorities)

Thor: Then let us move forward, there’s a lot I must explain to you all.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: Wait. Let’s be clear Stark, this isn’t over, you and I have a long way to go after this.

Tony Stark/Ironman: Ah yeah, sure thing. That is we survive whatever titans coming to kill us…


“ A famous man once said, 'We create our own demons.' Who said that? What does that even mean? Doesn't matter. I said it 'cause he said it. So now, he was famous and that basically getting said by two well-known guys. Wait, did I use this opening before? Doesn’t really matter, what matters is I’ve really learnt what it means.”

The scene opens with a previously used quote by Tony Stark, but this time stating he understands what it meant. We see our core heroes (Ironman, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye and Black Widow) standing in the briefing room of the Avengers Tower, still in their battle damaged form. The tower is surrounded by government forces, soldiers and police cars have trapped all the ways to enter the tower and helicopters are flying around in circles for aerial observation.

Tony Stark/Ironman: Look at the mess you’ve made Steve, I hope you’re proud of yourself.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: Really Stark? You want to to do this again?

Tony Stark/Ironman: Again? I didn’t even back away, you seemed like you were afraid.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: I was not..(cut in between)

Thor: ENOUGH! If I hear one more word about your foolish matter than tin man trust me I will rip you open and throw you to the Bilgesnipe.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye: Bilge what?

Thor: The Bilgesnipe, huge, scaly, big antlers?

(everyone confused)

Thor: They are repulsive, and they trample everything in their path, even a man in an armour

Steve Rogers/Captain America: Ignore him Thor, and now tell us about this Thanos guy you’ve been talking about. How do you know him and how do you know he’s going to end our world?

Thor: The story goes far back.

Thor seemed to have been telling the story when suddenly, security forces break in and surround the room.

Security Head: I’ve been sent here by the President, we have orders to bring you all in, not for imprisonment but to discuss whatever threat you all are referring too. Also the president wants you to know that the Superhero Registration Act is not on hold and at the moment it is our number one priority.

Thor: You’re number one priority is to get your heroes to register?! I swear to the All-Father, if Asgard wasn’t involved in this matter, I would have never returned to save this ambiguous planet. Heimdall, open the bifrost.

Tony Stark/Ironman: No way!

A flash of light falls into the room and in a moments time, every hero standing in the room was gone, security forces were confused as to what they should do next. We now see the heroes standing on the bifrost bridge, in none other than Asgard itself.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye: HOLY SHIT.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: Wow.

Heimdall: Welcome to Asgard, we were waiting for you.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: What happened here?

Thor: Asgard suffered the rule of a deceitful King, my brother tore down my home, while I fought and battled for yours. Now let’s move, Loki will tell us everything we need to know.

Tony Stark/Ironman: Your brother always finds a way to screw everything over and you still trust him with information, why haven’t you gotten rid of him already?

Steve Rogers/Captain America: I could ask the same question, why haven’t we gotten rid of you?

Tony Stark/Ironman: Hah, cheapshot, didn’t know you had it in you.

They walk over the bifrost bridge, Asgard is in a torn up shape, nothing like we’ve seen it before. Homes are destroyed, people are hurt, it’s a devastating sight to see. The heroes reach the prisons, where Thor has kept Loki, the same place where we saw him when the dark elves attacked.

Loki: Oh, what a wonderful surprise, you never told me our friends were coming to visit brother.

Tony Stark/Ironman: It’s good to see you again.

Loki: Why wouldn’t it be, since we’re both not favourites at the moment.

Loki: Ahh, it feels marvelous to see the entire team again, especially my old partner.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye: Call me your partner one more time and it’ll take me less than a second to shoot an arrow straight through your head.

Loki: I see you’re all in a feisty mood.

Thor: This isn’t fun time Loki, you know why we are here.

Loki: Enlighten me brother.

Thor: Loki!

Loki: Okay okay, relax.

Loki: Before our battle in New York, I travelled to every realm, to learn more about our world. I learnt many secrets and I met many people. But there was no one like him, the mad titan himself. The entire galaxy feared him but my rage to be a king gave me courage to face him, he gave me a task. The task was to bring him the Tesseract from your world and if I did he would grant me your world, I was awarded with the sceptre, unaware of how powerful it actually was. He gave me his army and I failed him. Afterwards when I was imprisoned here, the dark elves attacked, they destroyed my home, they killed my mother. But amongst the dark elves, there was an assassin sent to kill me, she was rather ravishing, she had my favourite colour. Her name was Gamora, she was the adopted daughter of Thanos and since I failed to give Thanos the tesseract and return to him his sceptre, she was suppose to be here to punish me. I had learnt about my mothers death, I was broken. Gamora arrived into my cell, I had fallen asleep on the floor after destroying my room. She raised her knife to kill me, as she approached, my eyes awakened and she saw the heartbreak and loss in them. When I realised she had come to kill me, a soft smile came to my face and I whispered to her ‘Please. Do it. I have nothing left.’ Her hand faltered and she didn’t have the strength to do it.

Thor: Alright Loki! we aren’t here to discuss your life with you, tell us about the gems!

Loki: Calm down brother, I was getting to it. After her departure, Thor and I worked together to fight Malekith, what wonderful times were those. After that I took over Asgard as the rightful King, a story I’m sure you’ve all certainly heard before. Between my reign, I started a little research on Thanos and his plans, that’s when I learned about the infinity stones. The tesseract, the aether, my sceptre and another orb found in a different galaxy, they were all infinity stones. There are 6 of them and together when used with the Infinity Gauntlet, they give the holder the power to end the entire universe. Right now, Thanos has gotten all 6 of the stones, don’t ask me how because the sceptre and tesseract were supposed to be guarded by you guys.

Thor: Each stone has a different set of powers. The Tesseract is the space stone, the Aether is the soul stone, the mysterious orb is the power stone and the sceptre that took over Hawkeye’s mind is the mind stone.

Loki: The other two I haven’t heard much about yet, but there’s the reality stone and the time stone. Imagine the power the mad titan will have, pity I’ll have to ot in my cell.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: So he has all 6 of the stones but to power them he needs the gauntlet? Which isn’t with him?

Loki: You’re a quick learner, I’m amused you caught up.

Tony Stark/Ironman: So then it’s simple, we find the gauntlet before him and keep it safe.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: Um no, keeping the gauntlet anywhere will make Thanos come and get it.

Thor: No, the gauntlet is here, it’s safe.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: Where here?

Thor: In my fathers inventory, don’t worry it’s safe.

Tony Stark/Ironman: Wasn’t the Tesseract there too? I don’t think it’s a very safe area.

Thor: Don’t question my decision mortal tin man, my fathers inventory is guarded by the finest of guards of Asgard, they have devoted…

Thor is cut off when there’s a huge sound of an explosion heard from very closeby

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: What was that?!

Thor: Heimdall? HEIMDALL?! I’m getting no reply…

Loki: He’s here.

(A look of shock appears on everyones face)

Thor: It can’t be, let’s go, we have to stop him!

Loki: Wait! Release me brother, I’m the only one who can talk to him!

Thor: I’m sorry Loki but I’ve trusted you enough in the past.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: Thor, he’s right. Release him, Hawkeye, you stay with him, make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.

The heroes run to the inventory to see what happened, the guards in the way were all dead, crushed and finished. The Infinity Gauntlet was gone too, the heroes were too late to make it. Loki and Hawkeye are shown running, they stop to see a huge ship standing in the middle of the castle with aliens guarding it, they break into a fight with them and try to take out all the aliens when suddenly a voice of footsteps is heard, it’s Thanos! with the infinity gauntlet in his hand he walks towards the ship. Hawkeye watches as he’s never seen anyone like him, in his head he thought to himself, not even Hulk was this huge. Loki takes advantage of a stunned Hakweye as he attacks him from the back, he grabs Barton and throws him towards Thanos and then pleads for forgiveness from Thanos.

Loki: Thanos, it’s an honour to finally see you again, I know I failed you last time and at this point all you want to do is kill me but please, forgive me. Take me with you, I’ll help you out, I’ll help you take over Earth, I’ll do anything, just take me with you.

Thanos: You caused a huge daily in my plans but I do have space in my ship since half my aliens are down.

While Thanos and Loki are talking, a damaged Hawkeye who is just inches away from Thanos, rolls away and takes a shot at Thanos, he shoots his explosive arrow and as it hits, there seems to be no damage inflicted to Thanos. He slowly moves back in fear where Loki grabs him and puts a dagger in his back after which Thanos grabs him and on the spot, kills him. He starts walking towards his ship and calls out for Loki to join him as Loki watches over Barton’s dead body. Thor and the others who come to look for Loki and Hawkeye, find his body there with no sign of Loki.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: Barton…

Steve Rogers/Captain America: No…

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: Barton! WAKE UP! PLEASE

(breaks down to tears)

Tony Stark/Ironman: Natasha he’s…

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: No! Shutup! Barton please!

Thor: My brother has betrayed us again, this time I won’t forgive him.

Tony Stark/Ironman: Oh you better not forgive him! Look what you forgiving him a million times has done Thor!

Thor: I’m sorry, but we can not mourn right now.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: Don’t! Don’t even dare to say that! My friend dies and you tell me I can not mourn?!

Clint Barton/Hawkeye: Hey guys! I’m right here.

(Hawkeye’s body disappears from Natasha’s arms)

Clint Barton/Hawkeye: I’m fine, I’m right here, it was just an illusion, I’m fine.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: Hah, son of a gun.

Hawkeye explains to the heroes that Loki just created an illusion to protect him, when he heard Thanos walking, he created the illusion to save him. Hawkeye described the mad titan to them, how strong he was and how huge he was. Thor took the heroes back to the bifrost where he saw Heimdall dead. He was hurt to see the man who protected Asgard for so many years finally laid to rest. The heroes stood on the bifrost planning what to do next as now Thanos not only had the stones but also the Gauntlet and any day now, he could attack.

After hearing Hawkeye’s description about Thanos, the heroes agreed that they needed to bring back their beast, since he was the only one who could be somewhat compared to Thanos in size and shape. Captain Rogers, Natasha and Barton were sent back to Earth, the plan was for them to recruit as many heroes they could. The heroes that fought in the civil war were all underground in Cap’s hideout where he returned to explain the events that are about to take place. Ironman stayed back at Asgard from where he and Thor planned to go and get Dr.Banner back together.

Thor: I can’t believe he’s dead, he fought for so long, Asgard will never forget him, he’s a true warrior.

Tony Stark/Ironman: Yeah, I’m sorry for your loss but you were the one who said we don’t have any time to mourn.

Thor: We don’t, I’ll guide you to wear the ships are.

Tony Stark/Ironman: Hey, speaking of warrior, didn’t you have those warrior friends too and that really hot one out of them, where are they?

Thor: The Warriors Three, they are out restoring order to the realms and be careful when you call her hot, Sif maybe a girl but she’ll cut you down and end you in seconds.

Tony Stark/Ironman: I’ll remember that one for sure.

Thor shows Stark the ship, who appears not very amused by it but in the current circumstances doesn’t say anything. They fly out of Asgard and go on the search for Dr.Banner. Stark sent him away to a planet known as Xandar, which was populated by aliens. Thor and Stark arrived to Xandar where they were confused on how to look for Banner in such a crowded planet. The eyes of every alien there were on them, even though it was the weirdest planet, the people had never seen a man in an iron suit before. Thor joked about a pink lady next to him which angered her husband, he attacked Thor and a fight started, the people of Xandar were shocked to see Thor fight as he utterly destroyed the other person while Stark kept shrieking to stop.

Nova Corps arrived and behind them came in the Guardians, Stark tried talking to them but Thor was too hyped up for a fight. Stark tried calming down Thor who was still ready to fight got shot by Rocket and was electrocuted. Thor obviously became angrier but Stark stopped him from attacking and started yelling we aren’t here to fight! Peter Quill asked the Nova Corps to move aside. He and his team moved forward to talk.

Peter Quill/Starlord: Who are you guys?

Tony Stark/Ironman: My name is Tony Stark, I’m here from Earth and this is my friend Thor, He’s from Asgard.

Thor: That is no introduction of mine. My name is Thor Odinson, I am the God of Thunder.

Rocket: Odin? Have I heard that name before Groot?

Groot: I am Groot.

Tony Stark/Ironman: Nice to meet you Groot.

Gamora: Loki.

Thor: How do you know Loki?

Gamora: I was sent to kill him once.

Tony Stark/Ironman: You’re Gamora?

Peter Quill/Starlord: Hold it, how do you know her?

Tony Stark/Ironman: Listen whoever you are.

Peter Quill/Starlord: My name is Peter Quill but you can call me Starlord.

Tony Stark/Ironman: Alright Quill, long story short. I’m here looking for a guy named Banner.

Rocket: How do you know the Big Green Guy?

Tony Stark/Ironman: Oh so you know him, um I know him because I sent him here.

Peter Quill/Starlord: Oh my god! You guys are the Avengers, hahaha wow! Nice to meet you boys, we’re the Guardians of the Galaxy, just like you guys, we protect the world too.

Thor: What about your friend, does he talk?

Peter Quill/Starlord: Drax doesn’t talk too much…

Tony Stark/Ironman: Okay, can you get us to Banner, this is important. Our world is in serious danger.

Thor and Stark are escorted to Banner by the guardians. Banner meets Thor and Stark and appears to be happy but more confused over to why they are here. Stark explains to him the threat the world is in and a normal Bruce would never agree to Hulk out and help them, but Banner spoke about how he’s gained control over himself and that he’s ready to come home.

After hearing Stark’s story, Starlord explained to him their story and how it was similar and the main antagonist of both the stories was Thanos. He told Stark about how Thanos managed to get the other 3 stones from them. Stark asked the Guardians for help to save the world, since they could use all the help they get. The two teams came to term and agreed to an understanding. They left the rigid Asgardian Ship and took off in the Milano for Earth.

On Earth, things weren’t going as good as they were in Xandar. Spider Man disagreed to fight, he wanted to get as far away as he could from the heroes after experiencing the civil war. He thought the heroes were hell bent crazy and he was too young to get himself involved into this. After many attempts of Steve trying to convince him, Peter Parker left the underground hideout and went home to look for his aunt and leave America for a fresh start. He was not alone, Luke Cage told Steve that he signed up for small missions in the city, not to protect the world from aliens and titans.

The Milano arrived to Earth and the heroes all greeted each other and mingled. The Guardians bonded well with the Avengers, they seem to be building a bond but Cap and Stark’s rivalry still doesn’t end.

Tony Stark/Ironman: How many recruitments did we get?

Steve Rogers/Captain America: Spider Man and Luke Cage walked away, it’s just us. Falcon, Sharon and Bobbi are here too, but we need to be precise, they’re agents, trained to fight normal people. This Thanos guy is not in their reach.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: Barton and I were normal agents too, they’ll fight! If not on ground then from behind the lines, everyone needs to play a role in this.

Bruce Banner/The Hulk: I agree.

(smiles shared between both of them)

Tony Stark/Ironman: Alright, has anyone gotten in touch with the twins.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: The twins want no part in this.

Tony Stark/Ironman: That’s convenient. Now we just have the government up our grill, how the hell do we explain all this to them?

Steve Rogers/Captain America: Who involved them into this Stark?

Tony Stark/Ironman: Look Steve! This is beyond you and me now, as much as I’d love to put on my suit and go a few more rounds with you, this isn’t the time!

Steve Rogers/Captain America: I think we could fit in some time, let’s go a few rounds Stark, finish this for once.

Thor: You both need to calm down and move away from each other.

Rocket: And I thought our team was a bunch of A-holes.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye: No offence there talking Racoon, but your team does seem to be a bunch of A-holes.

Rocket: What did you call me?!

Bruce Banner/The Hulk: Everyone please calm down

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: Bruce, I don’t think you should be here.

Groot: I am Groot!

The heroes who seemed to have been bonding, lost control over themselves and got into serious heated arguments and were on the verge to fight, when just in time a shout came in from the corner telling them to shutup.

Nick Fury: Shut the hell up! I leave you fools and this is how you repay me? You guys have no control over yourselves. Get your acts straight right away! I thought you guys wouldn’t need a leader but it seems like you do now! So shut the hell up and prepare yourselves for what’s coming.

Tony Stark/Ironman: So are you back for good now?

Nick Fury: I sure as hell am.

Tony Stark/Ironman: Good to have you back then, and thank god you got rid of that awful beanie and shades, didn’t suit you.

Nick Fury: Alright listen up now, first of all, I need you Stark to sign S.H.I.E.L.D. back to me.

Tony Stark/Ironman: Yes! Please! Take it, I want no part in it.

Nick Fury: Good! The government I’ll handle like I did, what the hell happened to ya’ll, everything seemed okay in the battle of New York, I guess leaving you idiots was a bad choice.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: It’s good to have you back sir.

Nick Fury: It’s good to be back.

The heroes are relaxed to have Nick Fury back and having him in charge made things easier. The Guardians were now also getting along better with the Avengers. Fury brought Maria Hill back in action who firstly apologised to Steve for what all she did. Fury made things work out with the government and the Superhero Registration Act was officially put on a hold. The heroes returned to the Avengers Tower where they performed their training and planned on how to stop Thanos. Getting Fury back did motivate the team but still, they couldn’t figure out anyway to stop Thanos, with all the power he possesses, the heroes had no chance.

The next day, the heroes were preparing themselves for another day of training and planning when an unexpected guest showed up, The God of Mischief, Loki.

Loki: Hello friends, we meet again.

Thor: Loki, what are you doing here?

Loki: Hello to you too brother. I’ve been on a remarkable journey with the mad titan, he’s an amazing entertainer.

Gamora: You!

Loki: Yes, I’m also delighted to see you but it seems I’m short on time. I’m sure by now you all know that you can’t stop Thanos, I’ve seen him in power with the Gauntlet, he’s unstoppable. He’s coming to Earth in a few days and if he makes it, there will be no Earth after that and none of you will live to tell the tale.

Tony Stark/Ironman: What’s your point?

Loki: We go off to a planet today, I told him about it. It’s called Blackworld, it’s an empty planet that was destroyed by a race called Rigellians in a Nuclear Blast. I’ve tricked Thanos into thinking it’s a planet full of life so he’s moving towards it today. Now you may ask me why I did this, I did it to help you all. Blackworld can be used as a battle ground, at least if you fail, Earth doesn’t go down with you.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: Why would you do all this for us?

Loki: Oh because I consider you all my friends now. See you all there.

The heroes didn’t know whether to trust Loki or not but there was no loss in trying. Both, the Avengers and the Guardians prepared themselves for the fight of their lives. Quill insisted everyone to get into the Milano but Stark said he had a bigger jet. The Avengers said their goodbyes to their loved ones, Falcon, Sharon and Bobbi were to be left back so that if the Avengers fail, they can help the humans as much as they can.

Stark showed the heroes his jet, it was an eye opener, everyone was in awe. The jet was huge, even the Guardians had never seen anything like it. Stark called it the Avenge-jet. They loaded up into the jet and were ready to take flight. The biggest fight of their lives was just about to start. Stark had created tiny oxygen machines that had to be injected through a nanite gun that would help the heroes breathe in space and in Blackworld. The engines were started and Black Widow and Starlord piloted the plane.

Enroute the heroes discussed how and what they’ll do to take out Thanos. Hawkeye explained to the team that Thanos doesn’t really have an army so their primary target will only be him. They arrive to the planet, Stark and Quill get out of the jet first to test the oxygen machines, they were working fine. The other heroes got off the jet as well. It was a barren planet, no life source and no source of water either.

Tony Stark/Ironman: Well team, this is it. Either this planet’s going to have lots of gravestones today or just one big gravestone.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: I don’t see Thanos or Loki anywhere.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: I do.

Everyone looked where Cap was and they saw him, Thanos moving towards the planet on his chair, with Loki on a rock beside him. Loki had a smirk on his face while moving forward. The heroes were freaked out to see the demonic titan moving towards them. He was huge, they had never seen anything like him.

Thanos: What a surprise, I didn’t know I’d be seeing you all so early. You lied to me. (looks at Loki whose smirk wipes off)

Loki: You didn’t think I’d actually be helping you Thanos?

A slightly angered Thanos reaches out for Loki but it seems Loki had set up an illusion while he was actually standing besides the heroes.

Thanos: Hahaha, childish games won’t save you now.

Tony Stark/Ironman: Bruce…

Bruce Banner/The Hulk: …

Thanos: Gamora my darling daughter, you brought the loser’s team with you too.

Rocket: Hey, who’d you call a loser?

Drax: I have waited my entire life for this.

Drax runs towards Thanos, the others stop him but he doesn’t listen. He goes straight for attack but Thanos easily counter attacks it and throws Drax onto the jet the heroes arrived in, Drax explodes through the jet. The power of Thanos is shown as he just flung Drax away.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: Dr. Banner, now might be a good time

Bruce starts to slowly walk towards Thanos who sits down on his seat and smiles waiting for Bruce. As Bruce gets closer, he sprints towards Thanos and turns into the Hulk which leaves Thanos surprised for a minute, The Hulk punches Thanos straight in the jaw and knocks him off his chair, he grabs Thanos and gives him a few more jabs in the abdomen when all of a sudden, Thanos grabs Hulk’s hand, Hulk uses all his power to try and free himself but couldn’t. Thanos then punches Hulk in the face which knocks The Hulk out on the spot turning back into Banner. Everyone is shocked to see their strongest weapon get taken out.

Thanos: So, which one of you is next?

Thor: I got this

Tony Stark/Ironman: No! We do this together, everyone are you ready?

Thanos: Hold on, I’m not ready yet, if you thought you could oversmart me by bringing me to a planet with no living people, then I’m afraid you were wrong.

The Infinity Gauntlet starts to glow and the red stone which is the soul stone (Aether) starts to glow most out of the others, Thanos puts his Infinity Gauntlet fist to the ground which causes the ground to start shaking. The ground starts to crack and there seem to be aliens coming out of the ground who Loki refers to as the Rigellians, the race that lived on this planet. Thanos brought all of them back to live with the soul stone and they were all under his control.

The Rigellians raged towards the heroes and a battle broke out. Thanos moved back to his chair and sat down, he watched the battle calmly from his chair with Banner laying in his feet who had not recovered. The Rigellians were not hard to defeat but each time they’d die, the soul stone would bring them back to live. It was no point until Thanos was alive and equipped with the Gauntlet. Thor got some clearing done with lightning and moved away from the battle, he flew towards Thanos who was expecting the attack, Thor used Mjolnir to strike at Thanos who used the power of the stones to fight Thor, he was giving Thor a beating he had never gotten before. Hawkeye got some space and tried helping out Thor by shooting arrows at Thanos but they were having no effect on him.

Thanos pushed Thor away and grabbed Banner, he awakened him. Using the mind stone, he got Banner under his control, Banner turned into the Hulk and now the heroes had another problem to deal with. Drax who had just recovered from Thanos’s attack got moving towards the Hulk, Groot followed him and helped him. The other heroes were still fighting the Rigellians who wouldn’t stop coming at them. Tony flew out of the battle zone and went towards Thanos. He used his unibeam on Thanos which showed to have little effect on him, Thanos turned away and used an energy blast on Ironman which was so powerful that only one blast nearly destroyed Stark’s entire armour.

One by one the heroes were getting destroyed, Steve and Gamora left the battle zone to Hawkeye, Quill and Natasha as they ran towards Thanos to attack, they were both the best hand to hand fighters but that wasn’t enough to slow Thanos down. He grabs Gamora and throws her away while Steve gets a punch in on Thanos and actually manages to hurt him, Thanos who was really angered now planned to end them now stating play time is now over. He attacks Steve who dodges and gets a few more punches and kicks in, eventually Thanos gets Steve, he grabs him and punches him straight in the gut and then throws him on the ground and attempts to crush him with his weight when Thor comes to the save, he manages to move Thanos but it isn’t enough as Thanos drops him to the ground, he grabs Gamora’s sword and tries to use it on Thor to kill him when out of nowhere, Loki comes to the rescue and takes the sword instead to save Thor. Thor gets no time to mourn as Thanos pounds him right after.

The heroes are all beaten down eventually, with only getting a few scratches on Thanos. Thanos gets tired and calls for an end, he comes to Thor and says he’ll kill him first, the son of Odin who has no strength left to even protect himself. Thor with the littlest of strength left in him calls Mjolnir but as it comes, Thanos punches it sending it far away. The heroes watch in vain as they accepted it in their hearts that now its over when suddenly a piercing light falls on Thor and Thor hears Odin talk to him.

Odin: My son, you have fought bravely today, your team has fought bravely. I All-Father have awakened from the Odinsleep and I’m sending the entire Odin Force to you, rise my child and show him the meaning of being the son of Odin.

Odin grants Thor the power of the Odin Force which is now inside Thor, Thor rises from the ground and Thanos looks at him and laughs, “you think light falling from the sky onto you will help you beat me, hahahaha”. Thanos strikes Thor and with the help of Mjolnir, Thor stops Thanos in mid attack. Thanos goes into shock and the heroes finally have a slight bit of hope again. Thor strikes with Mjolnir a few times on Thanos, he brings him down to his knees, Thor makes a strike at the infinity gauntlet which somehow forces the mind compulsion to break on Hulk. Hulk jumps away from Groot and Drax and comes after Thanos. The Rigellians finally stop respawning and all the heroes come running towards Thanos. With attacks from the entire team, Thanos is left down and Thor disarms him off the Infinity Gauntlet making Thanos weaker. Hulk grab Thanos from the neck and chokes him out while Thor destroys the Infinity Gauntlet with the power of Mjolnir.

A huge explosion takes place after the breaking of the Gauntlet but no damage done to the heroes. The Avengers and Guardians are all seen standing, while Thanos is down and out. Thor picks up Loki and tells him he’ll be awarded for his sacrifice, Loki’s good heart saved him, the sword didn’t kill him but he was heavily injured.

(Thor breaks the silence)

Thor: You know Stark, I could really use a shawarma.

(everyone laughs)

Loki: Brother, I think we need to go home first please.

(everyone laughs on)

Thor and Loki go back to Asgard and Quill gets the Milano to come pick the heroes up after which they travel to Earth, the guardians drop the Avengers there and say their goodbyes as they have a lot to do now that Thanos is dead. Fury comes in congratulating the team on their huge accomplishment.

Nick Fury: You guys did it! You made me proud

Clint Barton/Hawkeye: It’s kinda sad, we defeated the biggest threat to mankind and yet nobody in the world will ever know.

Nick Fury: You’re wrong about that Barton, I’ve got the whole thing on tape. S.H.I.E.L.D. cameras were filming your fight all along.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye: Well that’s kind of embarrassing, we did get our asses kicked in between.

Nick Fury: I’m glad you guys put your past differences aside and worked as a team, the world needs you all as a team, not members fighting each other.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: But we aren’t finished here Fury, Stark and I have unsettled business.

Tony Stark/Ironman: Listen Capsicle, we’ve come a long way now, it’s time we put it all aside us. I’m sorry for what I did, I was being an idiot. Involving the government in our fights was a huge mistake. I hope you can forgive me in time.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: We all make mistakes, you tend to make more than all of us combined, but I think I can forgive you.

Both heroes smile at each other and move in for a hug, the camera angle changes back to a rooftop, it’s Crossbones. He sets his target and shoots. Bang! Headshot to Captain America…

“I’m not going to tell you what happened after that, all I’m going to say is everything changed forever. We lost Steve that day, but his fight didn’t end. Bucky picked up the shield and carried the legacy of Steve Rogers. After the gunfire, our lives changed forever, Crossbones was obviously punished but punishing him wouldn’t change the fact that Rogers was gone. We ended it all after that, the Avengers? They were there, but a new group of heroes, a new group of people, it was the beginning of a new era. When I think back to everything Steve and I went through, all I can say is ‘it wasn’t worth it’.”

-Tony Stark

Hope you guys enjoyed it, please do let me know if you liked it!


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