ByAnthony Carambia, writer at

Well... As a first blurb about movies, "Forrest Gump" is probably not the best place to start. For one: Everyone has talked about this film, everyone has seen it, and everyone has talked about it to death. This film has a stigma for being the "holy of holies" when talking about the genera of motion pictures. And, hate me if you want, but it really...isn't. Not to say it's not a good film, which it is, but I don't think it deserves the stigma it has created. I am in my teens, and until recently I didn't see the film, and with all the build up I thought I was going to get something more. Not to say there weren't some powerful elements, but in the end it's just a series of events. When you look at the film it's just a collection of scenes in chronological order. Again, that style really hasn't been done and I appreciate it for doing what it did, but from a story standpoint it's kind of boring. Now, I like Tom Hank's performance ( in my opinion Tom Hank's can really do no wrong), and he really carries the film. The fact that Tom Hanks' innocence can distract from the quality of the supporting cast is why I think everyone went ga-ga for it. Which, yes during my viewing I did fall for that innocent charm. But when we had to return to the love of Jenny or Lieutenant Dan's missing legs I couldn't really get into it. The supporting cast, I don't think can carry the film. Only when Forrest was cleverly interfering with history was I really entertained, or when he was on his own. And luckily for me, Forrest is the main focus. So, is the film awful? No, by all means it does deserve some praise, for it's style and character of Forrest Gump as well as Tom Hanks' performance, but I don't believe that every aspect is as good as everyone made it out to be. If you don't believe me about the simplistic story line then, may I refer you to Honest Trailers' take on it


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