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You know after having watched this week’s episode of The Flash, I can’t help but make distinct similarities between this show and the X-Men. I mean besides the fact that both of these franchises are part of the superhero genre. Not to mention, hardcore comic book geeks may even call this taboo since I’m stating that characters from the Marvel and DC universes are SIMILAR. I’m talking about actual comparisons between its characters, settings, and even the worlds they inhabit look similar to me. I will start with the most obvious similarity:

1. In the world of the X-Men there are mutants. In Barry Allen’s world, they call them metahumans.

Hardcore comic book geeks may call me out on this comparison and would probably say something like “but the mutants in the world of the X-Men were born with the mutant gene! In the DC universe where The Flash is from, the metahumans were created through the explosion caused by S.T.A.R. Labs!” and I absolutely acknowledge this fact, there’s no denying it, but you have to consider the fact that there are super-powered mutated people living in each world similar to our own who have very little idea how to control their powers let alone understand the reason why they have them in the first place. This is a pretty, no pun intended, uncanny similarity to say the least.

2. The X-Men are led by Charles Xavier, a professor, who look up to him as their mentor. The people working in S.T.A.R. Labs are led by Dr. Harrison Wells, a scientist, and they also look up to him as their mentor.

Besides the fact that Xavier and Wells are geniuses in their own right that are mobile through wheelchairs, it’s not so hard to see how they both push for their own causes of what they consider to be important issues for the people they care about. In the case of Xavier, he wants to help mutants and teach them how to control their powers and adapt to society. In the case of Wells, he wants to capture as many metahuman “baddies” with the help of the The Flash and lock him up in his lab facilities for the safety of our society, while at the same time expressing interest in helping good-hearted metahumans if they should ever show up (Ronnie/Dr. Stein from the last two episodes) However, it is with a heavy heart that I must make one more comparison about Dr. Wells and to those who haven’t seen the The Flash, please skip the next part if you want to avoid spoilers to the show.

3. Magneto believed to be a freedom fighter for mutants. Does Dr. Wells as the Reverse Flash believe to be a freedom fighter for metahumans?

Now this comparison might be slightly premature since we still don’t know the motives and reasons Dr. Wells has for being the Reverse Flash, but after watching this last episode, when he makes the remark of something like “I protect my kind”, I smell a similarity in voice and nature to that of Magneto. Although Dr. Wells may not be a mutant terrorist to the public, operating in a more secretive fashion as opposed to Magneto, he definitely has some mysterious plans up his sleeve, both for metahumans and of course even bigger plans for The Flash. If anything it is probably safe to say that at this point the whole caring scientist face he puts on is just a façade and the real Dr. Wells is more like the manipulative, dictating Magneto. So what is Dr. Wells cooking up? Only time will tell as we get to the finale of this first season. Or we may even find out sooner as it is hinted in the preview of the next episode.


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