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The movie Fifty Shades of Grey, based off of the novel by E.L. James, was announced much to the excitement of voracious readers everywhere. The book itself is rated at a solid four stars on most review sites and has gathered a following that earned the movie's release a whopping $85.20 million (USD) in the box offices.

However, the numbers in comparison to the reviews don't seem to match up to the expectations of the fans. The book's description promises that the Fifty Shades trilogy will "obsess you, possess you, and stay with you forever", but it seems that the fans of James' work have come away less than pleased in the film adaptation of the novel that swept the nation and captured the hearts of readers varying from young to old.

The average review for Fifty Shades of Grey
The average review for Fifty Shades of Grey

What could have gone so wrong with a novel that so far has earned its author a tidy $95 million and counting? (Placing her among the highest earning authors worldwide)

Could it be the actors chosen for the rolls? Reports show that many many men were approached for the role of the dark, sensual, haunted character of Christian Grey and turned it down; many due to being unable to connect with the character or lack of chemistry with their co-star. Even with the final choice of the "Once Upon a Time" actor Jamie Dornan, some of the more passionate fans of the books say that he wasn't right for the part. If the on-screen chemistry isn't there for a movie that is based on an erotica novel, then what is the point of it all? Not to mention that the release of the second movie in the series has been pushed back to late 2017 at the latest due to James expressing the desire to write the script for the sequel. This could cause major problems for Dornan and his co-star Dakota Johnson, due to the certain demand in their presence in upcoming pictures from the success of the first installment of the series. Will this film go the way of Eragon and others? Doomed to a movie based on the first book that leaves readers and fans wanting more?

Perhaps it isn't the actors, but the source material? Not saying that the novel is a bad one, but it certainly isn't along the line of what is considered a normal book to have reached world wide acclaim. Critics have lumped it together with the sorts of novels that one might find tucked away in a post-menopausal woman's bedside nightstand or worse, hidden in the pages of a teenager's notebook as the scribbles of a hormone fueled mind. Of course, we can't really blame them when the book itself started out as an erotic Twilight fan-fiction. Perhaps that is what fueled the novel's original success? There's no way of knowing really, but the fans of the story and its characters haven't been giving the best and brightest opinions on the movie adaptation.

In the end, it is all a matter of opinion. Some people hate books and love the movies made off of them and in other cases it is vice versa. Will the Fifty Shades trilogy continue to rake in money and hold the attention of fans everywhere? Or will its failing reviews and scheduling conflicts send it down the path of other dead-end series starters that came before it? Only time will tell.


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