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Alex Hicks

So a couple of days ago the new poster treating us to a peak at the trinity and then today we were given a sneak at Aquaman for the 2018 film which leads us to question who will be in the lineup for Dawn of Justice. Will have an entire JLA original line up or have have a lime up of 7 as the poster hints and only have the seven ( meaning there would be no Martian Manhunter) which would be a shame as Martian Manhunter is the heart of the JLA. Another question is why Aquaman? His film isn't due for another three years. The Flash is due before then and we havnt seen any sign of him.

One possible reason could be the fact that Jason Moama was resourced well as Aquaman but the the choice of Ezra Miller was highly controversial and led to some scepticism. Personally I think Miller will play a good flash but only time will tell. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below.


Who do you want to see in Dawn of Justice?


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