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My name is Oliver Queen and for 5 years, no wait that's not it. Sorry just finished watching "Arrow". My name is Pedro Martinez but from time to time I have been called Dro "The Event" and I will be a Moviepilot content creator. I would like to formally introduce myself before I make my first published story.

A brief summary about myself, I actually graduated with a Bachelors in TV/Radio and I minored in Film. You could check out some of my student projects at For a very brief moment I even hosted an online internet radio show called Total Entertainment Xchange. My show was a talk show about movies, TV shows and wrestling. Hopefully I can get the funds to bring back my show but until then I have this. I would like to thank Moviepilot for giving us fans an opportunity to discuss, voice and display our thoughts and feelings to all types of media. Like many, I truly enjoy watching movies, from a good crime drama to a comic book movie. I even watch romantic comedies and I will go on record and say my favorite RomCom is "The Wedding Singer". I have a few TV Shows that I watch but I also watch wrestling and despite your feelings toward wrestling, wrestling as an entertainment is right up there with Film and TV.

My posts will be critiqued two ways, the first way will be as a fan and then I will critique it from what I have learned as a student and from my experience with the medium. I have a few concepts on how I will critique a certain TV Show or Film. My main concept are the 3 C's, Continuity, Consistency and Chemistry.

Continuity- This part will be me explaining how the flow of the movie or show went. If it's a sequel or part of a cinematic universe (Star Wars, Marvel, DC etc.) Does the sequels continue properly from it's predecessors? Did these movie coincide with the cinematic universe? Did this show or film have a solid beginning, middle and end? Was the show or film choppy? How was the editing? (Jump cuts, confused scenes,etc.) One prime example of continuity is the Oscar nominated film "Birdman" Solid movie but the film was all tracking shots and the film flowed beautifully without skipping a beat.

Consistency- This will primarily focus on the tone and theme of the film or show; this will also focus on the actors and directors. What many people don't know is that the director can make or break a film. TV shows are slightly different because it's usually the showrunners that can make or break a TV Show. One prime example of consistency is the TV show "Arrow", in it's third season this show is still referring to season one as well keeping in mind that they have The Flash nearby.

Chemistry- Now this one will be strictly on what we see on screen so I am strictly going to talk about the actors. More or less people see couples and they can instantly say "They look good together." well I am going to use that line quite often. Did the actors look good together? What could've been done differently? The best movie I can truly describe Chemistry at its finest is "Mr. and Mrs. Smith."The chemistry was so great and off the charts that Brad and Angelina had kids, adopted kids, got married and Brad left Jennifer Aniston for her.

Everyone has an opinion and everyone thinks they're an expert so I do understand Film and TV are subjective and I will respect your opinion but please respect mine. You may love a movie that I hate and "vice versa". I have no problems having a respectable debate with someone as to why they may or may not like a particular film or show but as long as we have that respect with each other I'm game. Hopefully I can get to talk about wrestling but that's if Moviepilot lets me. With that being said, I am excited to be a part of this and looking forward to posting as much as I can. Be on the lookout for my first article coming soon.

"To be THE MAN, you gotta BEAT THE MAN!"-Ric Flair

Dro The Event.


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