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It is the fifties and Aquaman can't be away from the water for more than an hour. If he is not back by then, he better get moisture from somewhere: goat's milk, coconut water, anything. If not his force dwindles.

Now it is the late Seventies and early Eighties, Aquaman is with the Super-Friends, having little circles coming out of his forehead, as he talks to the fishes. He sends tuna to hit you in the face, or rides on a chariot of flying fishes.

Aquaman copyright DC Comics
Aquaman copyright DC Comics

Fast forward to the first decade of the Twenty First century, and Aquaman is in Robot Chicken. He gets mocked more than Kim Kardashian's nude pictures. Poor old Arthur Curry a.k.a Aquaman gets his face burned off by Superman, then he is tricked into falling on his bottom by Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. He is a joke. A series of cruel jokes, actually.

All the above made me angry, because for me Aquaman is someone who can take tonnes and tonnes of sea pressure as he kills enemies with his bare hands. He is the nineties version, no hand but a harpoon. Not clean shaven, but sporting a long mane as he crushes Black Ray, or drills holes in all of them with his prosthetic hand. No matter how hard life gets, this Aquaman hits back harder. He even takes down the whole Justice League on his own!

Yes, Aquaman was badass, and he is once more in the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie. Don't fall for the easy trick of calling him "The game of Prawns Aquaman", he is burly as Conan, and ruthless as Drogo. Momoa Aquaman, thank you for bringing Arthur back in force!

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Aquaman copyright DC comics
Aquaman copyright DC comics

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