ByMatthew 'Matty' Thomas, writer at

With many horror films these days consisting of remakes, spin offs and reboots, it is becoming hard to hide the fact that it seems like the horror genre is on it's way out! But we have seen a few glimpses of a revival in the genre with films like The Conjuring, but even that has fallen to the spin off fate. In my own personal opinion there are a select few horror classics you don't touch like Halloween for example, this film has been beaten to death numerous times and still finds it's way onto the big screen with a "fresher" take on it. Another example is when Nightmare on Elm Street and Freddy Kruger made a return to our dreams in what was a decent effort of a remake but obviously fell short from fans high expectations and when they announced that Robert Englund (the original Kruger) wasn't going to be reprising his role, it was doomed for failure. So as history has shown you! You stay away from the classic horror's. Good luck poltergeist!


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