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First post and I thought I'd go for something extravagant to start things off and hopefully lead to some interesting discussions and ideas. Spider-Man. That's right, recently Marvel and Sony finalised a deal that allowed Marvel to bring Spidey himself into the MCU. Spider-Man has come home. This is great news! Well, for most people, but it does seem to have put Andrew Garfield out of a job. This however, does bring up a new conundrum; who is going to play the webslinger?!

The most exciting aspect of a new Spiderman, for me anyway, is that Marvel has the potential to turn it on it's head and choose from one of two popular Spidermen; the original and still beloved Peter Parker or the new Spiderman over in the Ultimate Universe who has a huge following as well; Miles Morales. I for one am hoping for Miles. A young African-American who manifests Spiderman-like powers mere weeks before Ultimate Universe Spiderman; also Peter Parker, dies. If Marvel did go down the Miles route then they would be able to introduce the audience to a whole new character, rather than the same old tropes of having to watch a Peter Parker origin story for a third time.

This article will explore the actors who I feel have the potential to play Spider-Man. I would also love to hear your feedback on who you believe should be the one donning the red and blue spandex and whether you share the same frame of mind as me, or feel like I am talking absolute hokum. Enjoy!

Miles Morales Contenders

Donald Glover

Known for: Derrick Comedy, Community, Rap alter-ego Childish Gambino.

I will try my hardest to not make this a love letter to Donald Glover. I will. However; I am a disturbingly large to the point where it could come across as obessive, Donald Glover fan.

As some of you may know, a Twitter campaign started by Glover's fans really gained pace during the build up for The Amazing Spiderman, with trending globally. Although Glover didn't even get an audition for the role, he did get an Easter Egg in the film - there is a photograph of Glover and Andrew Garfield in Peter Parker's room.

I'm putting Glover in the mix because I genuinely believe he would be a great Spiderman and would suit the role of either Miles Morales or Peter Parker. Through his comedic work with Derrick Comedy (I would strongly recommend typing "Jerry Poops His Pants" into YouTube) and excellent stand-up titled Weirdo; in which he actually addresses those Spiderman twitter rumours, Glover has shown that he as the wit and the comedic timing required to keep firing off the quips whilst tackling any Spidey bad guy. Glover also exudes charm and charisma, whether you're watching his adorkable bromance with Abed in Community or watching one of his music videos; Glover has a certain swagger that is not to be confused with arrogance, but rather "presence". One of the critiques of Garfield's Parker was that he was too cool, that the nerdy side of Parker seemed forced. Glover on the other hand is quite a nerdy guy in real life, a quality that can easily be transferred onto the character.

Jaden Smith

Known for: The New Karate Kid, After Earth, generally just for being Will Smith's son.

Jaden Smith is only young, with very few films, and even fewer good films, under his belt. Would he make a good Miles Morales? Honestly I can't see why not. His physique and stature suit Miles' character quite well. He's used to doing some of his own stunts and interacting with CGI and if he has inherited any of his fathers charm and personality then this would be the role to showcase that. Now, with his father joining the cast for Suicide Squad as Deadshot, perhaps Jaden trying out for a role with Marvel would motivate him through friendly family competition. Jaden joked on The Ellen Degeneres Show;

"He [Will Smith] says as soon as I have a movie that’s bigger than one of his movies I can get my own house"

Jaden is yet to do succeed in this, but landing Spiderman would be the role that trumps everything his father has done up to date and he could finally get his own the ripe old age of 16.

Jaden may not have the charisma of Glover per se, but he did recently feature on Glover's latest album (STN MTN/Kuaui). Their professional relationship may have allowed Smith to get some form information off a former Spiderman contender to a potential new Spiderman contender. And hopefully some of Glover's charisma might have rubbed off on Smith too.

John Boyega

Known for: Attack The Block, (soon to be known for) Star Wars.

Boyega is another bit of a wild card for this list, and it is mainly due to his association with the new Star Wars film that I am considering him as a possibility. Star Wars is a Disney property, so is Marvel. If scheduling issues don't arise, then there is a slim chance Boyega would be up for the role. A young upcoming Black British actor with a solid performance in Horror/Sci-Fi/Comedy Attack The Block under his belt and a lot of potential, if his character in Star Wars doesn't prove to be too prominent then perhaps Spiderman will suit him better.

Peter Parker Contenders

Dylan O'Brien

Known for: Teen Wolf (TV series), The Maze Runner.

O'Brien is one of the few actors whose names has cropped up a couple of times for this particular role. He cut his teeth on the TV show version of Teen Wolf before he landed the lead role in "not Hunger Games, not Divergent but pretty much both of them with the inclusion of a maze - The Maze Runner".

He's one of those rumoured for the 'young Peter Parker getting his powers for the first time and still at high school' Spidermen. Which would mean that they would be retelling Parkers origins once again; however this time it would be the Marvel way...but do we really need another Spiderman origin?

My main gripe with O'Brien comes purely from his performance in The Maze Runner. He was so devoid of personality that Wilson from Castaway would have brought more to the role! He was completely outshone by the supporting cast, particularly Thomas Brody Sangster (Game of Thrones' Jojen Reed) and the film really paid the price for its uninspiring lead. If O'Brien has the ability to channel the personality he put into Teen Wolf and leave The Maze Runner in the past then he could be a good Peter Parker, but it's a big if.

Logan Lerman

Known for: Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief, Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters, Fury

Logan Lerman is another young actor cut from the same mold as O'Brien. However, if I had to choose between the two of them for the role; Lerman would be my preferred choice.

Lerman's major breakthrough came in the Percy Jackson films, where he played the titular character with aplomb. Lerman portrayed Percy Jackson with the talent and skill of an actor much more experienced than he. He supplied the action scenes with an electric sense of urgency and delivered on the humour side as well. He also fits the bill physically for Spidey, even if he may have the same pitfall Garfield did of being "too handsome" for Peter Parker. His recent appearance in Fury also highlighted his potential to excel in the dramatic aspects of Parker's life; showing how Peter's failures have crafted Spiderman into the hero he is today.

Bonus - Steve Buscemi

Known for: Pfft, please, it's Steve goddamn Buscemi!

A rank outsider certainly, but lets face it, who wouldn't want to see that unique face swinging its way along the New York skyline?! Especially after spicing up the 50 Shades Of Grey trailer so marvelously!


So, who would you like to see behind the mask?


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