ByLionel Ray Green, writer at

"You’re Next," which is available on Netflix, is a bloody good entry to the home-invasion subgenre of horror.

A wedding anniversary celebration at a remote country home turns deadly when the Davison family and their guests suddenly face a vicious attack from killers wearing animal masks.

The plot is reminiscent of 2008 horror film "The Strangers," but the masked murderers in "You’re Next" actually have a motive. "You’re Next" also boasts more action, dark humor and much higher body count than "The Strangers."

The Davisons have three sons and a daughter who all arrive for the anniversary celebration with their significant others. Strangers wearing creepy lamb, tiger and fox masks and wielding ax, crossbow and machete launch an all-out assault on the family and their guests.

Panic ensues but one unlikely guest, a college student named Erin, displays surprising survival skills. Erin is the girlfriend of one of the Davison sons and the chief reason to watch "You're Next." Australian actress Sharni Vinson plays the feisty Erin with an elemental grit and determination.

While the plot isn’t original, "You’re Next" is still filled with an interesting twist or two, and director Adam Wingard manages to maintain the suspense and jittery atmosphere until the end.

The only knock on the film? The action scenes shot with the shaky camera technique are frustrating to watch, a problem that’s too prevalent in modern horror movies.

"You’re Next" is rated R for strong bloody violence, language, and some sex and nudity.


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