ByJake Waitforit Bennett, writer at

When you think about the Rocky movies, the glory the franchise had, many nominations and many awards, we can see Sly, running up the stairs, hands held high! We can see Ivan Drago down for the 10 count, and who can forget Apollo and Balboa trading fists with Eye Of The Tiger playing, a truly memorable series of amazing films! But there is something that has always remained in my heart when it comes to the Rocky films! Rocky IV's soundtrack! Of course, Eye Of The Tiger, from Rocky III, will always be the memorable song! Or, to some, Gonna Fly Now by Bill Conti. But The Rocky IV soundtrack has always been the best from any film when it comes to my opinion anyway! It all fits beautifully with the film in every way, of course as did the soundtrack to all the Rocky films! But Hearts On Fire playing while you can see the differences between the training Rocky and Drago partake in. No Easy Way Out will always be known as a classic, and of course, my absolute favourite, War by Vince DiCola, as the montage of this incredible bout is taking place. This fanfare, or "War" cry, if you will, really sets the mood, it makes you feel as if you are in fact in the ring, and let me tell you, when you're listening to it on a normal day, it psychs you up! Of course you'll get your 8 Mile which people will boast as the best soundtrack, some people may say Top Gun, or even Mannequin, but for me, for setting the moods right with song and music, Rocky IV tops the charts.


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