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What's better than a 1980's slasher camp film? You got your group of attractive teenagers who are sexually active, which eventually leads to their deaths, the famous "Final Girl" , and the crazed murderer who stalks the young kids. Though the first movie was a success, the next eleven movies became a roller coaster of ups and downs. There are four movies in the series that I would probably not recommend to a friend: A New Beginning, Jason Goes to Hell, Jason X, and Freddy vs Jason. The fifth movie in the series was my least favorite for the sole purpose of their being no Jason. They took little Tommy from the Final Chapter (Corey Feldman, great actor) and continued his story, with the setting being a halfway house, and introduced some very diverse characters along with a random kid and some crazy hillbillies. This movie was as relevant to the series as much as Halloween: Season of the Witch, was relevant to the Halloween series-it wasn't. Jason was there at the beginning, and then at the end, both for very short periods of time, and instead of the killings being done by him, they were done by crazy Roy, the Duke's reserved partner. Which was probably why the killing scenes were not nearly as creative and horrifying as they usually were. Tommy's character showed promise in the Final Chapter and in Jason Lives, but the in-between was disappointing.

Jason Goes to Hell had showed no promise, almost for the same reason as the 5th movie: where the hell is our favorite character, Jason Voorhees?!? All I remember was the police gunning him down in the beginning, and then some weird guy who ate his heart...and they allowed this to become part of the series. Now i'm not going to say the actors were terrible, because the cheesy actors are a major factor throughout the series. The only thing that got me through this movie was the ending, when our guy Jason finally showed up, because that's all I ever wanted in the first place. This movie definitely wasn't my least favorite continuation, but I wouldn't watch it again if I had the choice.

I'll just go ahead and combine the next two failures, Freddy Vs Jason and Jason X, because not only did they show some of the worst actors I have ever seen, the movies just did not catch my attention. I did not know what I was watching, and why Jason was in space when they had already put him in Manhattan...when he should just stay at the freaking camp. Plus, Jason X was Kane Hodder's last appearance as Jason, *stifles tears*. Freddy Vs Jason showed some promise every now and then but all in all, the main cast was god awful. Oh, except American Mary, and maybe Kelly Rowland. I am also a fan of the Nightmare movies, which is why I was excited to watch this at first, so naturally their fight scenes were pretty interesting to watch, but that annoying female lead character ruined everything else. I was pretty conflicted throughout the movie, but overall I was just not interested in watching it again. Jason X was a no-go from start to finish, because nothing about it made sense to me. At least in Freddy vs Jason they stayed true to the original setting (mostly).

If it weren't for these four movies being almost irrelevant to the series, I would rate this a 10, no doubt.

This review contains a spoiler for the fifth movie in the series.


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