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This picture hurts me inside.

Let’s be honest: Khal Drogo looks pretty bad ass here as Aquaman. This guy doesn't get caught in one of those I-just-bought-a-six-pack-in-1985-drank-all-the-beers-and-threw-the-plastic-beer-holder-onto-the-beach things. This Dothraki warlord looks like he may be able to actually wield that Superman-destructing trident with a decent amount of aplomb. However, that is the extent of it. That's where my hope gives way to the inevitable suck. It seems to be keeping with DC and Warner Brothers' need to re-imagine and retool the look of these iconic characters. For some untold reason the brain-trust over there cant figure out that what we movie goers/adult fan boys and girls want is the heroes of our disgruntled, angtsy youth. Can’t we have Aquaman be an ass kicker while still wearing the tried-and-true orange and green? Is there any reason why he has to be a Rob Zombie stand-in? As tired as I am of the constant comparison to the MCU, you, Zack Snyder/Warner Brothers/Dc, have given me no choice! You see, they get it over there at Marvel. They understand that I want to see the characters I grew up with; that I want Iron Man to look like freaking Iron Man--not some aluminum suit wearing fella from Hoboken--no matter how cool that sounds! This is why this photo is a mixed bag for me; it simultaneously fills me with hope, while making me sad for this film’s inevitable suck.



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