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Dennis McIntyre

Through the years we have been going to theaters , drive ins and other venues to see the top hits on the big screen...great actors the likes of Steve Mcqueen, Paul Newman ,Sidney Poitier....just to name of a few of the ones who have brought us classic movies ..."Birdman" has shown us there are still great movies to be made ! Good or Bad the movies are the ordinary persons escape from the daily grind and to help us forget our trouble for a few hours in our lives.....Thank you....with the changes in what is there to see now digital and new forms of media to really reach to the future of film making .. we have a to pay the price for that ticket sales at the box office and the film makers to join other production companies to envision that movies complete potential and also engage the audience ..... i have no complaints to the movies that are made now days.....except remember your roots in film making is to tell a story that can transport its audience away from their lives and to entertain us with the actors and the film making they do....remember its nice to make a money for something your proud of but do not let money blind you of why you had joined the film had a vision not let your dreams or visions be obscured by wealth of the Hollywood MADNE$$ detour all you actors director film makers from what can make you great in the REAL Public eyes just for riches that you cannot take with you when you are dead... Be remembered for your works you have given us...not for the Tabloid drama...Not for the Ego Greed that can consume actors as we have seen in the past....the Film quote i have to say for all film makers and actors is.."If You Build It ,They Will Come ."

And with that i say,"till later my friends." Love life and Dream like there is no tomorrow!


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