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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is schedule to come back to the small screen on March 03, 2015. There's is no doubt that with the introduction of new characters, new alliances, and new conflicts the series will once again leave us wanting more! So, here are my top five moments of Season 2, so far.

5. Introduction of Mockingbird

The introduction of Mockingbird has been a big shocker this season. Agent Bobbi Morse was first introduced as a Hydra agent, but then we learned that she was truly a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in disguise. Mockingbird has been a great addition to the show by providing great action during all of her fight scenes, and comic relief in the form of her relationship with her ex-husband Hunter. There's definitely some tension there!

4. May and Coulson's Tango

May and Coulson's tango was an elegant way for the show to introduce a whole lot of conflict. Who knew Coulson and May had it in them to do a whole performance to the Dancing with the Stars style. They were dressed to kill. The mission that follows afterward was just proof that agent May could also fight while wearing a dress.

3. Writing On the Wall

One of the biggest mysteries was revealed in the first part of Season 2. We finally get to know what the meaning behind the writings on Coulson's wall is. We learned that these writings were actually a map for an underground city. Later during the season we see that visiting this city caused more repercussions for the team of agents.

2. Trip's Death

Agent Trip's sacrifice to save Skye was one of the biggest moments of the season. The moment when Trip sees Skye turning into stone and then destroys the crystal in an attempt to save her life, which ultimately, ends his. We will miss you, agent Trip!

5. Inhumans

Lastly, during the Winter finale we got a preview of what's coming next on the series. We get to see the transformations that Raina and Skye undergo after exposure from the crystal. We also get to know Skye's true identity as her father calls her Daisy. With no doubt we will be seeing the Inhuman storyline next on the series as Daisy is an Inhuman A.K.A. Quake. What surprises will part two of Season 2 will bring?


Are you ready for the return of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?


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