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Now, please accept that this is wholly my opinion! But let's face the facts! Adult themed animated T.V has gone down the drain in recent years! Of course that may be because Seth MacFarlane has crammed every bit of his animating prowess down our throats, even through the silver screen (although I admit, A Million Ways To Die In The West was a very funny film, but, no animation! So, ignore that part!) And even now with the introduction of Ted 2, he's milking more money out of the public that want to hear Peter Griffin trapped inside a teddy bear. Of course when you say of the classic cartoons that we all know and love, have you ever heard anyone say The Cleveland Show? No! American Dad is the most "Beloved" one of them all nowadays, which is odd considering that Family Guy is the main project. And Also! Here's something! What happened to The Simpsons! Again, it has been milked to death by What's-his-name, and has now been killed off from mainstream television, to something we reminisce about! For me, there hasn't been a decent, adult themed, animated programme since Futurama, but even that was brought back from the dead to be killed once more. And as for South Park, how long has casual racism and extreme humiliation been allowed on telle? It's wrong and doesn't deserve to see the light of day!

Any new upcoming animators want to bring a decent adult themed animated programme? I'll give you a couple of tips!

1) Don't assume all adults find people throwing up and farting, funny, we don't!

2) Don't assume all adults want to see animated character having coitus! That may be a thing people like! But there's internet for that!

And lastly 3) Know when to give up!

Again, this is all based on opinion, I am open to other opinions on this subject underneath this finishing paragraph! Anything you may want to add to it, feel free!


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