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Here is a controversial topic that is surly going to get me a lot of hate but an opinion is an opinion, that's all I want you to think about.

So why do I think the superhero crossover films spell disaster?

To me superheros are larger than life, out of this world characters and stand alone stars. A special attraction that you feel privileged to see.

The Avengers

Okay! So The Avengers, I know what you are thinking. Your thinking you can't criticize this movie! It is completely awesome. Well yes if you are thinking that then I agree with you, The Avengers is one of the best films ever made and one of the most successful box office attractions grossing over a billion worldwide. So with that being said is there really a need to bring out another Avengers film so early? In my opinion, no! A film like The Avengers is a once in a lifetime kind of attraction and should not be done within a few years of each other. What would it mean for the super stand alone films?

Can you really enjoy any of these superheros by themselves anymore?

Do you sit there watching Captain America for the excitement of being able to see the latest Captain America installment or do you watch it to see if they will give you anymore teases towards another Avengers film?

Most of you are probably thinking the last one. Well I can't blame you at this present time, The Avengers is the hottest thing in the movie industry but it's only a matter of when, not if it becomes stale and boring. It happens with every series of films and TV shows so you know it will happen with The Avengers sooner rather than later.

Justice League

With DC bringing out Batman Vs Superman, this will surly begin a massive anything you can do I can do better war between Marvel and DC! But what if Batman Vs Superman is a flop?

With the success of the Marvel films and iconic characters success can you really see yourself getting excited about a Justice League film past the Batman Vs Superman film? as the focus would be heavily put on Batman and Superman as Marvel characters share the spotlight.

To me in my opinion a superhero crossover film should happen every ten years to give a special feel to it.

What do you guys think? Share your opinions below.


What do you think of super crossovers?


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