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I like stalker, it is fun, entertaining and amazing. It wasn't until this weeks new episode that I have to say that I was a little let down. I love Dylan McDermott, and I love Maggie Q. mostly because they always put 110% into every role that they play, and to have them do a show together was just a bonus.

But for some reason the writers of this series forgot a couple of things about mystery, and the whole show. First of what ever happened to the big bad Perry? The Perry who broke into Beth's house to get more information on her? The last couple of episodes he was perceived as weak and powerless, I mean come on this was the same guy that made the very same guy who beat him senseless quiver just by looking at him. So why have the writers decided to make Perry into a powerless pathetic boy instead of actually being on the same level as Ray (Beth's other Stalker)?

I could have seen the whole thing play out differently, and I think that it would have been darker and a whole lot more thrilling than the episode that we this week. I could see Perry and Ray planning everything to get Beth(Michelle), then I could see Ray convincing Perry to be more like him instead of the coward that the writers made him be. Then they had to Perry off completely, like seriously? It kind of seemed to me that they had no idea what to do next with him. Not only that, but they ended the episode with a cliff hanger and then called it their "Winter Finally" that right there is a WTF moment, didn't other shows have their winter finales like two months ago? What really kills me is that there is no schedule on when the next episode is airing, so that leads me to believe that either they don't know, or that the whole series is cancelled.

Maybe these past few episodes weren't as big and boom like I wanted them to be, but who know they could just change my mind. I surely hope that they do renew it for a second season, because this show is amazing, if only they could change a couple of thing. What did you guys think about this weeks stalker ? Do you think it was a mistake? I want to hear your opinion?


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