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Most men aren't fans of rom-coms (or they just say they aren't) which kind of sucks for the movie industry because rom-coms provide tons of money for movies that don't take a lot of effort to make. So how do you make a relatively easy movie with little plot that doesn't ooze rom-com? You get a cool, likable guy such as Kevin Hart and a relatable nerd such as Josh Gad and stick in some an attractive actress is the form of Kayley Cuoco-Sweeting. What's the end result? A tame, slightly funny movie that will attract both male and female audiences to have an easy watch that doesn't require a theater viewing as DVD would be just fine.

Personally I am a fan of Kevin Hart, I find him to be quite entertaining, even when he's just aimlessly shouting. I heard him say in a couple of interviews that this movie is different for him as he had more room to be himself, as if he could be the stand-up version of himself. I have to say I kind of disagree. Yes, he did throw a lot of cuss words here and there but I don't think he was fully as crazy and unpredictable as we've seen in most of his hilarious stand-up shows. I'm not saying he was bad as I do find him very enjoyable to watch and I think without him the movie wouldn't have been good in any way. Josh Gad was the other star of this movie and one can not help but think of Olaf (Frozen) the whole way through which is quite funny (especially when he sings). The rest of the cast is fine, they get the job done. The groomsmen charade is okay but I can't help but notice the resemblance to the random groomsmen humor of the movie I Love You, Man.

You may find yourself irritated at how little common sense is used. The fact that Doug's (Gad) fiancé doesn't know that Doug has no friends can be sort of annoying. I mean if you were her, you would surely realize if your husband-to-be had no friends.

These bro-com movies are hard to get right. You have to balance comedy with not using too many silly cliché's. The likes of I Love You Man, Role Models and Forgetting Sarah Marshall got it right, but unfortunately I don't think The Wedding Ringer has. I feel that I went in to the movie with a fair, level head. I wasn't expecting a stellar, oscar-worthy movie but I was looking for more laughs that what I got. There was about two real laugh-out-loud moments and then a handful of moments where you would have a slight giggle.

The movie falls to the trap of 90% of these comedies where there is a lull 3/4's of the way in and there's a real shortage of laughs and missing gap of logic. It may annoy you or fill the time, but in my opinion the time doesn't need to be filled. Clocking in at 101 minutes but feeling like well over an hour, it doesn't compliment the movie having some of the silly moments half the way through.

Overall, this movie is a decent easy watch that doesn't require a cinema viewing. It will give you a handfull of laughs and proves to be a handy movie to see with friends casually. Don't go in expecting the gut-wrenching laughs of 22 Jump Street of movies like that. I'm not going to say I recommend it but it's not the worst movie you'll ever see.


+ Nice, easy watch


- Little logic

- Hart under-utilized

- Poor pacing

- Not too funny

Overall Score: 5.4


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