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Obiviosly We all Know where this is going.

In the new season things have been getting hectic I've seen the first 10 so heres my opinion on what could happen on the new Ninjago movie

We all know that they've done enough so isn't it time they reach their real full potential Golden masters , but before that they have one problem Ronin and if they're gonna defeat him they need everything they can use . Does anyone in the series ever stay dead I mean even Pythor has returned . In this battle which definently wont be the last , the series was suppossed to end with season two so even the show proves no one stays dead , let me get to the point the team should team up with the Over lord who with the last of his golden power which is powering him , he's took the form of a human and has been living along with everyday people when this begins and left his evil ways just likr garmadon this would'nt be the first team up with evil

How about this army
How about this army
  • The return of the skeleton army is gray but like i metioned they need every thing they can get but who knows what this new movie will be about its just a thought (mind my spelling)

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