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The crew is back for one more dip in the Hot Tub Time Machine and it's been quite a long time coming. I mean the first film came out five years ago and I never thought we'd get a sequel, but here we are!

The film has most of the original cast back with Clark Duke, Robert Corddry, and of course Craig Robinson. We are missing John Cusack, but we do however get Adam Scott who is just as hilarious. The film basically follows up where the last one left off so if you haven't seen that one I suggest you go do that right now (literally, what are you waiting for?). We have our main characters Nick, Lou, and Jacob back and they have a huge mystery to solve! I know what you're thinking right now -- besides all of the hype from the first one why should i go see this movie? I decided to lay down five reasons why you should check this movie out this weekend.

The Future Laughs

Anytime time traveling in a movie is bound to have references from the past and future that we all love. This movie holds true to that. Just as much as the first one poked fun at the past, this one does at the future. It's pretty amusing to see how the future our characters travel to make fun of the gadgets and entertainment that we own today. Not to mention the future of cars is pretty off-the-wall funny and serves to bring a memorable character into the movie. You'll know what I'm talking about after you watch the film. Seriously its awesome!

The Whole Cast

We have most of the guys back for the sequel and even though we are missing John Cusack we do get Adam Scott. I think Adam Scott does a wonderful job at blending well with the cast and delivering the laughs. I assure you that the laughs are there and everyone has their moments! Its from Robert's over the top Lou character who always takes things too far, but it's hilarious. Then you have Craig's smooth Nick who is just so lovable and delivers punch lines at the right times. The only one holding them together is of course Clark as Jacob who is the voice of reason and his clashing with Lou and Nick is always fun to see. Last but not least we have Adams character rightfully named Adam who is funny from the beginning and has a very funny club sequence. These guys play to each of their strengths and combined make absolutely funny moments. Especially when they are on a particular game show where things get pretty out of hand!

Its Just Like Terminator!

Its an absolute thrill ride getting to the bottom of the mysteries that any film brings and this film brings it. Through all the laughs and crazy shenanigans our character get into in the whole film there's one conclusion they come down to. That's right, there's a very crazy plot to this film and thanks to Craig Robinson's character Nick, we're reminded how much it is like Terminator. You'll have to check out the film to know what he means with that and its a perfect comparison!

The Sci-Fi Genre References

It also served to be a real funny part of the movie with all the connections to other Sci-Fi shows and movies they made. Its like a hilarious homage to time travel and all the troubles that come with it. All the favorites like Looper and Fringe are in there, no Sci-Fi related media is safe.

The Back In Time Travel Segment

In probably one of the funniest movie moments we see our characters travel in time do different historical moments and completely change history! The audience loved every second of it and I did as well -- it was just hilarious. It gave us moments from the 1700s all the way to the 90s with the guys own spin on it. Its pretty fun to see all the historical and pop culture events they go back in time to change. I also will mention that Patriotic Lou's entrance was really unexpected and funny!

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 lives up to the first one and brings back everything we loved from it. The characters are there, time travel of course but most importantly the over the top humor is definitely everywhere in this film!


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