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Dennis McIntyre

This is just a little post to start the Rants for everyone ...Pro and Con is welcome.....all i ask is be kind and not rude towards others opinions ..this is Your rant or praise spot... your the Superhero in this blog...the Question for today is ..."Who is Your favorite Super hero and why" its that simple! come on an join the fun....Fun is the key here !!..... O.k. here is my Rant.. Can we have Just one Batman please at his age Micheal Keaton can now do the Batman versus Superman graphic novel as it should be done.. he was the best batman in my opinion..... and i have yet to see anyone else do it like he did.. sure Tim Burton's version did have a tongue in cheek dark aspect but Mr Keaton brought a new depth to the Bruce Wayne /Batman personae that no one has matched since not even Mr with Ben Affleck i am having high hopes due to the fact that Mr Affleck has been thru the Hollywood ringer on both spectrums Good and bad and came out on top. .. He is a good choice for the role of a younger troubled Bruce Wayne...... and again Mr Keaton should consider looking into reprising the aging batman for the future Graphic novel movie...thats my hint to Guy Richie to start the screen adaption....

ok thats my rant lemme hear yours!!


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