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This was indeed a surprise. Last night, Batman v.Superman director Zach Snyder revealed the first look of Aquaman in the DC Cinematic Universe. Last year it was speculated that Game of Throne's star Jason Momoa was being consider to take the role of the King of Atlantis. Momoa would toss speculation about the casting for the longest time, but then it was finally revealed that the actor would indeed be playing Aquaman. Aquaman is scheduled to make an appearance in the Batman v.Superman: Dawn of Justice which is then proceeded by a solo Aquaman film that scheduled to hit theaters in 2018.

If there was any speculation (which at this point was doubtful) that Momoa would not be playing Aquaman, those concerns can now be put to rest with this new image.

The promo image features Aquaman's cinematic look as well as the tagline "Unite The Seven". Obviously the image is meant to advertise the coming of the Justice League, which could mean that other character reveals are on the way. However, back to the matter of Aquaman, anyone will probably tell you that this design does not resemble the iconic King of Atlantis. Over the years Aquaman has always looked something like this in the eyes of pop culture.

From looking at the new image, we see that Arthur Curry replaces his orange mesh with major tattoos. From first glance, Aquaman's movie look may be off putting. However, I think the this concept can work to the character's advantage. For starters, the images manages to speak volumes for not just Aquaman's personality, but how the Atlantian people will be portrayed in the cinematic universe. If the picture is any indication then we could be in for a unique portrayal of Atlantis and its king. It is not shocking for a superhero to dawn a different look for a movie. Movies have been creating new attires to iconic heroes since Tim Burton's Batman. As long as the film keeps the concept of the character's attire, it usually gets a pass from me. That is how I feel about this look for Aquaman. Yet despite looking like a Samoan warrior, the look manages to hold true to the character's normal attire such as having his tattoo resemble Aquaman's mesh.

If the image is any indication, we may be in for a different kind of Aquaman in Dawn of Justice; as well as Justice League. While it may seem off putting, this approach could yet work for the character in his cinematic appearances. Granted looks are one thing but a proper execution deals with many factors such as a good performance. So there is still much that we do not know about this interpretation of Arthur Curry. Yet if I can take anything away from this reveal it would be that the design for Aquaman does leave an impression, and I feel that does remain true to the character's common demeanor; but that is just me.

Aquaman will make an appearance in Batman v.Superman: Dawn of Justice which hits theaters on March 25,2016. This is followed Aquaman; which hits theaters in 2018. Though nothing is confirmed yet, you can also be sure to see The King of Atlantis in Justice League Part 1 & 2.


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