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Alright, the image you see is not what I'm going on about, but they're step sisters, right? My topic is the influx of films being remade where women-kind shall step into the lime light! The use of the title "Step Sisters" derives from the film Step Brothers, in which there must be one of these feminine jazz ups right?

There we go! That's the Step Brother we all know and love! Dale and Brennan! Dragon and Nighthawk! It is a classic isn't it? But, I digress!

Recently! I have seen many things on internet, speculating certain film's remakes, but with a woman's touch! And please, don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with women in films, I'm not sexist in any way!

But come on! Ghostbusters? I'm not saying GHOSTBUSTERS WITH WOMEN!?!?! I'm saying why remake a classic anyway!?

Expendabelles? Anyone else heard of this? Why are you making a spin-off to a perfectly good set of action packed films? I'm sorry ladies, I just can't see it working! But I shall watch!

Anywho! My point is, where will it end?
Step Brothers into Step Sisters?
Peter Pan into Paula Pan?

Also! When will we get female-star films into male-star films?
Lara Croft into Luke Croft?
Kill Bill into Kill Lill?

Again, not sexist, I'm just wondering more than anything, where is the film industry going? Are all the classics going to have a sex change? Will they be the same films, but with a female cast? We shall all have to wait and see!

If you agree/disagree with anything I've said, comment, if you enjoyed please share! And if you were offended then I shall assure you that's not the intention, it's just a look at the direction of the modern film industry.


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