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Jaleel Geralds

Hi everyone, I'm Jaleel and this is my first post on this email. I tried this before but didnt have time to keep up with it. I have more time since I'm not in college right now and in using the time wisely.

A friend and i are working on our own comic. He has his and I have mine but all in the same universe. I have stories for mine and characters with unique powers and outlooks on things. But what i want to know what do you all like in your comics? Story wise, characters, their universe, whatever it may be. I'd like imput from those who might buy or see our product one day. Thank you for reading guys.

P.S the picture above is the article picture because this is my favorite cartoon growing up and they are better than avengers cartoon wise and hopefully movie wise( dont get me wrong, i love the avengers ).


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