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Micah James Nebeker

If you feel like watching some good old fashion quality entertainment, then Holy DVDs, is this the thing for you!!! I'm going to give short (but hopefully pithy) bat-review. Enjoy!!!

Batman: The Television Series: Season 2 part 1 is without a doubt the closest thing to an actual comic book on the screen. It's got everything from the good lessons they give to the children of the audience, such as always buckling up, never littering, and always paying the parking meter, to the animated exclamations and sound affects, such as "BANG", "ZAP", and "KAYO". This is definitely a great example of the Not-so-Dark Knight!!!! Adam West did a pretty good job as the Batman and Burt Ward a just as good Robin, but Batman sometimes seemed like he was half asleep due to his slow, rolling voice.

However, despite all of its sixties charm, it gets (and I regret to say it) pretty old. It most certainly is very repetitive with a new villain showing up posing a huge threat to the safety of Gotham City and sometimes.....the world!!!!! This villain always has around two or three thugs following them around around, engaging in intense fist fights with the Dynamic Duo. Also, they always have a female henchman, who is never very bright at all, whose only purpose seems to be eye candy. And then, after the police find out about said villain (sometimes without even confirming it's them), Commissioner Gordon and Chief O'Hara immediately declare the situation hopeless and call Batman. This kinda bugs me personally because it makes the police force seem utterly useless.

They're dumbfounded!!!
They're dumbfounded!!!

The show always has a story span the length of two episodes, every time with the Caped Crusaders being trapped within some bizarre contraption at the end of the first. At the beginning of the second episode, they always escape usually due to some lucky coincidence or because of Batman's wide skill-set.

It's a great show to watch if you just want to sit back and laugh at the cheesy jokes, absurd costumes, and ridiculous villains. It really is a fun series to watch. I enjoyed it immensely!!!!! It has plenty of positive messages and is really exciting at times. It's nothing like the more recent Batman movies. It's almost a whole other genre, but it is most certainly worth watching.

Well, I hope I did a good job. This was my very first review that I've ever written before. Let me know how I did. Thanks. :)


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