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With the Aquaman poster just dropping , there are some questions around it.

Why does Zack Snyder hate color ??

Do all superhero actors have something against smiling ?

Who are the Seven that need to be united ??

The seven that need to be united are in fact the seven seas , they couldn't find a way to make look cool so they gave up and went with .

While floating around reddit and the internet are many memes mocking the poster I personally think that it is a nice little tease. It was posted on Zack Snyder's twiter , as are most announcements and tease nowdays, with the caption

What I can speculate from this is that possibly that Aquaman will go against Kings or presidents on land. But more is sure to come.

If there is one other thing that I can gain from this , is that it is going to be serious as hell and I will be surprised if there is any charm or wit to the character. Jason Mamoa doesnt look like the funniest guy in the world.

So , are you looking forward to the new Aquamovie , did they miss an opportunity not making his suit orange and dying Jason Mamoa's hair blonde? Do you think that we will remember this in a few weeks? What traumatic experience did Zack Snyder go through as a child to hate smiling and colour? Comment below.

I doubt this will feature in the film
I doubt this will feature in the film
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