BySeth Klinger, writer at
Seth Klinger

Spiderman a hard subject to talk about because the amazing spiderman 1 and 2 sucked. They hours and hours of stuff they could have gotten ride of. BRING BACK TOBY! That is what everyone wants because the guy that start amazing sucked. He is an OK actor but he doesn't fit for spiderman. Also see if you could bring back James Franco. The reason i say Franco because they want to bring the sinister 6 in and it would be a good idea for green goblin. The green goblin now is not as good. Don't bring the other venom over because he was not go and venom fits for the sister 6. There are so many people i could talk about but i am going to leave the rest to you guys. So just remember bring back who I sayed and we will be in business.


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