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There are many things that can make us afraid, each head is a world. But if we appeal to something so chilling that everyone agrees and part of his nightmares. Then the clowns are a topic of conversation required.

If they scare you, sorry way too much for you. Here we will give a review of the five most terrifying clowns history. Those along literature, movies, video games, and even the very real life, have fueled more nightmares throughout history.

Get ready, because these are the five scariest clowns ever:

  • No. 5

Killer Klowns From Outer Space, looks like a bad horror film, even a parody, but it is much more than that. Not only these creatures straight out of your worst nightmare, but also act as such. The facial expressions are incredible, and even if it is a black comedy, slow and unpredictable act of clowns, you always have with eyes wide open and screaming victims wishing to run as fast as they can. "Bozo aliens with an appetite for close encounters," says on the cover.

  • No. 4

Are You Afraid of the Dark? It was a very popular series for children in the '90s, but much of its cult status is due to the second episode of the first season, called "The Tale of Laughing in the Dark," and the reason is simple , here would appear the more scary character in the show, he is Zeebo the Clown. The story recounted us about a terrifying attraction at an amusement park that had a bad reputation for being more than it seemed. One does not know whether they are his eyes, his big yellow smile, or his terrible electric laugh, which causes one to you stare without blinking. And no wonder, what looked like a huge puppet, it was really the lair of a very dangerous spectrum. If you want to see the episode , here is the link.

  • No. 3

The occupants of the 3rd place, for his distant era, were not as famous as, for example, Zeebo or Pennywise. At that time there was no television fortunately cameras if and thanks to them is this incredible testimony.

The occupants of the 3rd place, for its time, were not as famous as the previous two. television back then did not exist. Fortunately, photo cameras if and thanks to them could make this incredible testimony. You do not know how different it had to be the culture at that time, or more, children, because if a clown as those presented in circuses and theaters at the time, he would give the children of today a big scare, plus severe trauma. Although not know, maybe this was the root , the beginning, what's behind the current phobia of clowns. That from generation to generation, I survived until today. Clowns in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century were possibly the creators, the spark that lit the flame of a horror story that continues to this day. And if they were so creepy as shown in the photos, what you see is photographic, legitimate material that time.

  • No. 2

This character, known worldwide, could not miss in this list, and you know it. A small mention the 3rd place, and now we have with us, occupying no less than the second seat. Pennywise took the torch ideal for our nightmares clown, and to date, is positioned on the first rung of the clowns of horror movies, more terrifying and acquaintances.

The writer Stephen King, I think this character for his novel IT. This character adored the world of terror, is actually an alien, a cosmic vampire, who does not feed on blood, but the terror that it may actually cause. Preda especially children, since this is much more delicious than the fear of adults.

And it overshadows the reason for this post, availing of fear clowns can cause in people. So it is not uncommon for this sinister character, had among their avatars, a demonic clown face as favorite form, demonstrating that this body is very intelligent, who has studied enough and that we understand human psychology.

By the way, note that although Pennywise have a male form being clown in his alien form as spider, no other way to describe it as it is actually female. And if you want to find out more about it, read the book, which is very good

  • No. 1

Unfortunately, this list ends on a low note, Pennywise may have been indisputably 1st place, but this beats, just being real.

Step indeed, not only remains at the top of this list perpetuated only by the atrocity, but because this story is at the bottom of the abyss of fear of clowns. John Wayne Gacy, was not only one of the most heinous serial murderers of his time, but of history. His crimes were absolutely disgusting. Since 1972-1978 he was arrested, forensic determined that Mr. Gacy, had killed at least 33 children and adolescents male, strangling them with a rope. After violate not only alive but already dead, the murderer buried them at home. But what has that to do with clowns? simple, Mr. Gacy, had a character, an alter ego, often used to attract younger children; "Pogo the Clown."

Many children, enchanted by the charisma of Pogo, followed him just to get a terrible fate inside the house he inhabited. However, this suit, or this makeup were just a front, a decoy, in which Gacy hid his troubled personality, psycho crazy. And unfortunately, many of these children, the last thing I saw was not the face of John, but the Pogo the Clown.


Who is the worst history clown?


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