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Talk about superpowers they can be real I mean we've seen some extraordinary humans right some can resist electricity and some has x-ray vision and even metal controlling (or at least metal sticking at body). Today I am going to share with you my TOP 5 picks for the superpowers that would be awesome if it were real face it who wouldn't want superpowers right? I mean you could do what you want with telepathy you can force people by getting inside their minds and with super strength you can beat up anyone who tries to threaten you or blackmail you. Superpowers can be very useful once you learn to master them.

5.Unbreakable Skin

At first I was going to go with healing factor but I'll tell you why I'd pick unbreakable skin. I mean face it you don't have to worry about getting shot at if failed or get caught or whatever with your unbreakable skin you can jump of a skyscraper without worrying if you'd die you can pull of heist's single-handedly (well not single-handedly but you get the point) no need to worry of dying well except when there's a powerful force that could kill then that's different.

4.Super Strength

Why? Well for starters what point of having unbreakable skin without any muscle with super strength then you can single-handly pull of heist's I mean remember when I said why I'd rather pick unbreakable rather than healing factor? Well here's why you have super strength granting the strength to lift almost anything but what if you only have strength but you can still get shot at, get killed even with super strength and also with healing factor sure you can survive it but what about the impact of a bullet because some bullets can travel really fast and once it hits you the impact could push away even with healing factor it takes at least 2 seconds to heal and if you're lifting something really really heavy like super heavy that not even 100 men can lift but you can and with healing factor while lifting it you rip every flesh in your body due pushing a lot and lifting a lot sure you'll heal but the damages just keeps coming and coming. That's why super strength and unbreakable skin is a pair.

3.Energy Manipulation

Captain Atom
Captain Atom

This is something that I like you see imagine yourself as a CLEAN STABLE AND UNLIMITED SOURCE OF ENERGY, just imagine it you don't need to feed by conducting because you are the energy and unlimited source of energy a stable source of unlimited energy you don't have to worry about going nuclear or absorbing too much because you are unlimited no conducting is needed no feeding is needed and also just imagine the whole city blacks out no power that is the right time for you to use that ability and give electricity. Didn't pay your electric bills? Electricity has been cut off? You can manipulate energy give power to your house.


Anyone with this ability is powerful some of you might think psychic is like telepathy, there's no difference but there is actually psychic is like the next step to telepathy it's like you start with telepathy and it somehow evolves into psychic, psychic is the next step for telepathy with telepathy you're able to read minds and then soon control them and when more and more practice you can take that someone's mind and put it into some else's body, sounds familiar? Its from Heroes when Matt Parkman took Sylar's mind and put it into Nathan's dead body and somehow made a clone I think? And also you can reach deep into that persons mind and show them their worst fears (also from Heroes). And then (maybe) that telepathy will evolve into psychic its evolution and with psychic you are able to do a lot of things that telepathy never could such as freezing people from X-Men, going into their minds and getting information out of it though it could hurt a little bit and many more.

1.Super Speed

Now we get down to the real business super speed is like my favourite superpower of all time! I mean come on you can't underestimate the ability to run at the speed of light right? You are capable of vibration through solid material,you are capable of speed reading,time travelling and so much more that you can do with super speed I was inspired by super speed after watching The Flash because before super speed wasn't even at the top of my list but after a bit of The Flash episodes I became obsessed with super speed it inspired that you can't underestimate it plus with vibrating you body you can hide you face and your voice when vibrate you vocal cords its so awesome!.

Honourable Mentions




Healing factor


Which superpower do you really want to have?


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