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So i finally got the two pack from hot-toys this is something i have wanted for a while now all my friends have this now i do to i'm very happy i picked this up.

First off i can say i had a hard time picking this up so i had to go to Ebay to pick it up.

Another thing that was a huge problem would be the pricing for this two pack from hot-toys.

Most shops want $400 for this i got it for $315 total so i saved a little bit on it.

I can say that this two pack is well worth the money & the time getting it.

I do like that it comes with two figures for the price i paid because i paid once $322 for iron man & that was just one figure so that was a lot but that figure was pretty rare.

The heads look amazing & just like Chris Evans the hands also look pretty good for being just a 12-inch action figure.

Another good thing about this pack hot-toys are finally making the shields Die-cast then before they were plastic which meant all of the paint came off.

Caps suit is pretty good but i don't like how the suit is so tight to move his arms & waist.

Steve on the other hand is much better & easier to move.

Overall i do like this two pack & i can not wait for the Hulkbuster from hot-toys he will stand around 22-23 inches tall.

Their idea of the price on this guy but i can tell you now he will probably be around $800-$900 but i will still get him.


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