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Everyone knows the G1 Transformers , but in 1997 there was a pretty earthly change to our extraterrestrial car-changing robots. For the first time they become animals.

The origin of the Beast Wars may not have formally begun until Optimus Primal's declaration on prehistoric Earth, but they were precipitated on Cybertron 300 years after the end of the Great War. The Predacon Megatron had stolen the Golden Disk, containing all schematics on Autobot city and secret weapons, escaping with his band of rogues in a transwarp ship. A Maximal exploration vessel, the only one near enough to catch them, gave chase through a transwarp portal. Their ensuing battle ended with both ships crashing on a planet that all parties believed to be an unknown world. The truth that they had reached Megatron's intended destination of prehistoric Earth would not come to light for some time.
One source of confusion was the overabundant energon, so plentiful that its ubiquitous radiation would overload the Transformers' systems within minutes if they left their ships. They adopted semi-organic beast modes to shield themselves, though their robot modes were still vulnerable. Primal feared that Megatron would use the energon to restart the Great War on Cybertron, so he immediately prepped his small crew to fight against the comparably-sized Predacon team. Eventually it happens, cause Megatron always survives he with his last strenght transformed into a virus which overtook the Cybertron defensive systems But here you all know , the 2D to 3D helped transformers to became one of the greatest movies in american history and everything started with a simple golden disk.....


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