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Round 1 was absolute insanity! There were a staggering TEN upsets. That's the best part about this whole tournament, I have no idea what's going to happen! It's all up to you guys and I'm just along for the ride! Here's a view of the Round 2 match-ups!

The Biggest Blowout

This one should be no surprise. The #1 overall hero in the tournament crushed the lowest seed.

The Biggest Upset

The one that really surprised me was #3 Daredevil losing to #14 Winter Soldier. Other big upsets included #4 Rorschach losing to #13 Barry Allen and #4 Morpheus losing to #13 Black Panther.

The Closest Match-up

The closest match-up was #8 seed Red Robin vs. #9 seed Nick Fury. Nick Fury won 49 - 48. Other close match-ups were #6 Raphael vs. #11 Hawkeye and #5 Barbara Gordon vs. #12 Kitty Pride which were all decided by two votes or less!

UPDATE: This was as of Monday Feb. 23 at midnight.

The Shutouts

There were three heroes that pitched shutouts against their respective foes. #2 Captain America shutout #15 The Tick, #11 Silver Surfer shutout #6 Yorick Brown, #1 Wolverine shutout #16 Dashiell Bad Horse

UPDATE: This was as of Monday Feb. 23 at midnight.

There you have it folks! You voted and you got your winners! Now it's time to move on to round 2! Check it out HERE!


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