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There's people that are waiting anxious for the upcoming movies of marvel Studios and other companies except maybe Fantastic Four by Fox but why some people can't just enjoy the movies? why it's so annoying for them that so many changes are done between the comic character and the one they show in the MCU? well... the change needs to be done, we all know that there are thing that are shown in the comics that now days we can't just show them in the movies even details like the character's colours or the uniforms... yeah fans would love it and of course they ask themselves, Are there reasons for some one for not loving a character shown up in a movie with his original costume? well, actually there's people that maybe won't be attracted by the image of a hero with that costume and obviously who produce the movies don't want that so they need to recreate and adapt the characters to the screen so that they could be pleasing for other people and maybe praying so that fans don't reject it at all.

The thing i do to enjoy in the best way possible the movies is this one: Think about Marvel there we have like a central story, the main universe of the marvel heroes and we also have other universes there so, think about the MCU like that, another universe like the ones in the comics where thing changes from one universe to another, MCU isn't an extension of the comics main universe stories and events... think about it and i'm sure you'll enjoy a lot more MCU movies.... and not only with Marvel, think about Dc for example...

We also should think that if it's done that way it's because it has to, you know, the same thing i mentioned before, if we create movies more attached to the comic character and stories maybe people wont like them. Watchmen it's the example, some people consider the movie as the best adaptation of a comic book story but the movie wasn't a big success at the box office...

Hope you enjoyed this and here's a question:


¿Do you think there's a better way to make Superhero movies more attached to the Comic character? and of course, that it keeps selling.


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